Marat Basharov marries a third time

Марат Башаров женится в третий раз The famous actor has decided to formalize the relationship with his beloved Elizabeth Savercool. The wedding will take place in the near future. The couple is not planning a loud celebration.

      Марат Башаров женится в третий раз

      Russian actor and TV presenter Marat Basharov decided to officially sign with his beloved Elizabeth Savercool. The wedding will take place in the near future. At the moment beloved Basharova is in an interesting position and very soon will give birth to Bacharova heir. For a famous actor’s baby will be the second child from the first marriage of movie star a little daughter Amelie.

      About the novel Basharova and Savercool talking about a year ago. The girl met the actor through a social network. Lisa wrote the star report, and he, to her surprise, answered the letter and invited her to the theatre. However, the heart of Marat was busy, so the relationship with a striking blonde did not happen. Only after the divorce with Catherine Ancharovoj Savercool lucky. Basharov not only said to the girl, but also invited her to go with him abroad. The couple visited Prague and made a wish on the Bridge of lovers.

      The relationship developed so rapidly that Marat and Elizabeth soon began to live together. At the initiative of the actor, the girl moved into his apartment. After some time, the star told reporters that is preparing once again to become a father. According to preliminary data, they have a son.

      Shevarkov and Basharov buy the necessary baby gadgets now. The future spouses do not believe in superstitions, according to which it is not recommended to pre-purchase things for an heir. One of the most expensive devices for my son was a special “baby monitor” that will monitor the movement of the child. In the store he picked up the latest model that was connected to his phone, to even on tour he was able to observe what is happening at home. In the end, the actor has opted for a gadget MBP853 from Motorola, which works through WI-FI and has a function of remote monitoring. Marat Basharov gets the best gadgets for the unborn child

      According to “7 days”, to the wedding and Savercool Basharova invited only the closest people. By the way, the numerologist Vitaly Bograd previously predicted that the couple be married. In his opinion, Elizabeth insisted, and he caved under the pressure beloved. “It’s in his nature to keep a woman at his side. But there is one subtle point that can delay a marriage, the birth of a child can cool his ardent mind, as he already has a bird in the hand” – said the expert.