Marat Basharov for the second time became Pope

 Марат Башаров во второй раз  стал папой
The actor was born long-awaited son.

Marat Basharov and Elizaveta Shevarkov


Last night around 19.00 beloved
Marat Basharova Elisabeth Shevarkov
gave birth to a boy. A young mother
feels good. “My son was born,”smiles the proud father. The boy was born weighing 3410 grams and growth of 53 centimetres.

Recall that only one year has passed after a scandalous divorce
Marat Basharova and Catherine Ancharovoj.
The decision to issue the divorce was a result of the scandal that took place in the family
actors last fall. Catherine Arkharov announced that her husband struck
it in the course of a strong argument. Marriage Basharova and Ancharovoj lasted nine and a half

And in March of this year, a year after the divorce, Basharov
announced that soon it will happen joyous event: he will become a father in the second

Marat met in the social network. The girl herself wrote to him on Facebook, saying,
he wants to meet with him. In response to the message, the artist asked a girl
the performance, where they managed to communicate. Correspondence in the social network soon stopped, but Lisa continued to follow the life of an idol. After the scandalous
divorce Basharova Catherine Ancharovoj girl decided to text him
because I realized that he is now free. This time he responded immediately and
Lisa was invited on a trip abroad. The lovers then visited Prague, where they visited the Bridge
lovers, and then went on other routes. Both fast enough
understand that the part they don’t want, but because the romance continued.

The famous actor is eleven-year-old daughter Amelie from her first marriage with
Elizabeth Crocko.