Madonna may lose the youngest daughter because of violations of the law of adoption

Мадонна может лишиться младшей дочери из-за нарушений закона усыновления

Differences, and after the reconciliation of the Madonna and son Rocco can have a negative impact on the family of the actress, in particular her relationship with her younger daughter, 10-year-old mercy, who was adopted by the artist in 2009.

The fact that according to the Daily Mail, the girl got in the family Madonna illegally, and then it is possible to raise the question about returning to her home in Malawi.

A friend of the biological mother of the girl talked to the press and told the facts on the basis of which to initiate an investigation and even to impute Mudge charged with violation of the laws of adoption.

25-year-old Agatha the Moland (the same friend) told me that six years ago, when the question of custody of the child, Madonna entered the family of the girl astray, and thus got the right to raise the baby.

The situation was as follows: mercy was born in a result of home deliveries. Her birth was difficult, with the result that, eight days later, the girl’s mother died.

Numerous relatives of the newborn gave a small mercy in an orphanage, but this is a common practice in Malawi: the orphanages provide children breastfeeding and medical assistance, and on reaching six years, when, as it is considered, they have a well enough developed immune system, relatives take them home.

The hospital an agreement was reached, plus any time grandmother of the newborn was able to see his granddaughter and no one had the right to interfere with her. The first time it was. Despite the remoteness of the place where the child was, of the family home (about 100km), relatives often talked to the baby, as evidenced by the photos together.

Until 2009 it was more or less okay, until then, while in Malawi was not Madonna.

The singer became attached to the girl and decided in that whatever was to take her with him. Note that a legitimate reason to do that Mudge was not, because the girls no one refused. In addition, under the laws of Malawi, children have the right to take his people, that not less than one and a half years he lived in the country.

about the authorities decided to meet the star. The grandmother mercy is not going to give her granddaughter up for adoption, then Madonna through their representatives came out to other family members, to those it affected, and Lucy agreed to the guardianship with the condition that it will be able to chat with a girl.

“They said she’ll just get a good education and come back”, quotes the woman DailyMail.

As it turned out the family, mercy took forever and they most likely will never see again.

Of course, it’s still requires a lot of investigation and clarification of all circumstances.

Note that the side of the singer assures that all procedures were performed in accordance with the law. In addition, mercy knows her story, no one hides nothing.

“From mercy no secret of her past and origin. She visits Malawi each year to know their roots and communicate with family and friends. Lies about her adoption more likely would have damaged the Mersey”, — said the representative of the Madonna.