Lopyreva appeared in the center of a scandal because of the Nude Chumakov

Лопырева оказалась в центре скандала из-за обнаженного Чумакова
Model worried about his reputation.

Victoria Lopyreva

Photo: @lopyrevavika (Instagram Victoria Lopyreva)

Victoria Lopyreva joined the list of stars that have been subjected to hacker attack. The model account was hacked. In the few hours that Internet scammers are “ruled” the official page of Victoria in the Network were attached to the dirt on her colleagues. Lavictoria posted to microblog live with Pavel Mamaev, telling intimate life, and his candid photos with wife and pictures of the alleged Nudes Alexey Chumakov and Yulia Kovalchuk.

It is important that Chumakov had already denied the authenticity of these photos. It is responsibly claimed that the pictures were fake. Alex finds the dirt on him and his favorite was made with photoshop. “Where did you get that photo of my “naked sexual organ”? You are so gullible. Tomorrow I will write that I destroy the inhabitants of “Alice in Wonderland” and show you “my” photo with the wounded Orc, and you will too?” — Alex commented on the incident.

However, the mysterious hackers with enviable persistence spread “dirt” on Chumakov in the Network. Earlier, the scandalous photos were already published in the “hacked” account of Vlad Sokolovsky. We can only guess why the aim of the fraudsters was chosen Alex and Julia.

Victoria has already apologized to the “heroes” of publications, as well as all my subscribers. With the help of friends she has returned to the use of the page in social networks and, of course, removed the controversial footage. Lopyreva, which is the Ambassador of the 2018 world Cup, does not exclude that she will manage to calculate the hackers and ensure their punishment.