Lindsay Lohan decided to tell the whole truth about himself and his Russian boyfriend

Линдси Лохан решила рассказать всю правду о себе и своем русском бойфренде
The actress said she is ready to have with your loved children.

Lindsay Lohan and Yegor Tarabanov

Photo: Splash News/East news

As told in her recent interview with Lindsay Lohan, she decided to write a book which will tell
all about yourself and your life. “I hope that my experience will help those who are currently going through
difficult period in life and need advice and guidance. I want on your
example to show people that for all the inevitable moments of celebration and
fall. And we can get out of grief and depression only if you have a contact
with his real, his spiritual side…” the actress said.

“For me now the most important is to share my love with the person
which holds a special place in my life to feel happy and
to meditate!” says Lohan. Thanks to meditation, according to
actress, she managed to find composure, out of a long chain of problems
and trouble for several years has disturbed her life. She was accused of
the drug and alcohol abuse, was arrested for driving in
drunk. She was on probation, violated the rules that were
required to comply with and again appeared in court…

Since then, however, as she moved
in London she met her Russian boyfriend Egor Tarasovym her
life, according to Lindsay, has changed dramatically. It is his love helped
actress to understand themselves, to get out of personal crisis and stand “on the right path”.

As for personal plans of the actress, which insist foreign
Media, engaged with Tarasovym, here Lohan has hinted that she is ready
create with your beloved family and have children. “I really want to do
several film projects…” said Lindsay.

The only thing that upset Lohan lately is the sudden illness of her mother, in
which Dean was in the hospital. And now the actress will now celebrate your birthday with Egor, but without a mother…