Lindsay Lohan accused of Yegor Tarabarova treason and announced about the pregnancy

Линдси Лохан обвинила Егора Тарабасова в измене и сообщила о беременности

Actress Lindsay Lohan has told fans that her fiance Egor Tarasov is cheating on her and that she is expecting his child.

Линдси Лохан обвинила Егора Тарабасова в измене и сообщила о беременности

The novel is 30-year-old Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan) and 23-year-old Yegor Tarabarova began at the end of 2015. American actress and Russian businessman publishes pictures in instagram, often got together in the lenses of the paparazzi and attend events as a couple. In April 2016 appeared the first rumors about the engagement of the pair, which provoked an emerald ring on her ring finger. July 24, Lohan was unexpectedly published in social networks a series of posts in which told about the infidelity of her fiancé.

First, the actress added a video to snapchat, where it was said that they Tarasovym quarreled and asked him to come home. “I guess I was the same way at 23… a Horrible time, everything will change in 26/27. Egor, thank you, that did not come home today. Fame changes people, ” she wrote on instagram in a few hours. Thank you, fiance that cheated on me with a Russian prostitute Darya Pashevkin”.

Later Lindsay tweeted a still from the film with her participation “Temporarily pregnant” (Labor Pains), with the caption: “I’m pregnant!”.

Daria Posevkina, which accused the actress of the Russian designer and friend of Lohan. Family Pashevkin denies ties Tarabanova with her. “We do not want enmity with Lindsay, God is her judge, but in the case of the continuation of her lies, will be forced to go to court,” said the girl’s mother portal

Tabloid the Sun published a video where Tarabarov and Lohan fighting on the balcony of the apartment of the actress the day before. According to the publication, at 5 a.m. Saturday neighbors Lohan woke up to her screaming: “please, please, Please. He just choked me. He almost killed me. Everyone will know, get out of my house”. The neighbors called the police, but that no one at home, the actress is not found.