Ksenia Borodina forbidden to see his son Kurban Omarov

Ксении Бородиной запрещено видеться с сыном Курбана Омарова Omar can communicate with the sisters, if he allows dad. The boy cannot be in a Ksenia Borodina and play with a 7-year-old man with whom he really hit it off. Son Kurban Omarov from his first marriage and really misses the little Theon.

      Ксении Бородиной запрещено видеться с сыном Курбана Омарова

      A year ago she married a businessman Kurban Omarov, the leading “House-2” Ksenia Borodina could not believe his luck. But after six months from the tale is not gone. Xenia, who was expecting a child, rarely saw the beloved. Seemed born 22 Dec baby Theon needs to strengthen the relationship, but in June, all finally collapsed from “well-wishers” Borodin learned about the numerous infidelities of her husband. Eid already took the things from their apartment in Michurinsky Avenue. Chance for reconciliation too little. Ksenia Borodina is divorcing her husband because of infidelity

      “We don’t talk and no contact, – says Ksenia “StarHit”. – When he wants to know the news of the Thea or to arrange a meeting with her, calling my assistant-the nurse”.
      Ксении Бородиной запрещено видеться с сыном Курбана Омарова

      Parting has affected not only of Xenia, but her daughter, 7-year-old Mary and 8-year-old son Kurban from his first marriage – Omar. The boy became attached to Mary and Mara, who was called sister.

      “I’m sorry that Omar is now impossible to happen at our house – sigh Borodin. – My daughter is so bored! Asked how he was doing, and the answer is nothing – because they communicate now can’t. I remember when I was pregnant lobster dinner was hugging my belly, talking to Thea. But as he rejoiced at her birth! Now he can see her if you’re his dad.”

      Last week, the Xenia was vacationing in Turkey with her daughters and family friends. During this time, Eid is only once tried to contact her assistant. They say that despite the hostilities in the country and a danger for Russian tourists, Eid has not offered to help smuggle still the official wife and daughter to Russia.

      “StarHit” called Xenia, which was in one of the hotels in Kemer and found out everything was in order. “We have now all is well, relax. But, of course, if tomorrow we feel any threat, immediately will fly home to Moscow. I really hope that all will be well,” – said Ksenia. Fortunately, they managed not to interrupt your trip, as the resort the situation was calm. Ksenia Borodina about the coup in Turkey: “If you feel threatened, go back to Russia”

      To divorce and to settle business disputes Kurban Omarov, the presenter turned to the lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky.