Keanu Reeves will not star in the fourth and fifth “Matrix”

Киану Ривз не будет сниматься в четвертой и пятой «Матрицах»

With pain in heart we inform you that the fourth and the fifth coming of Keanu Reeves in the sequels of “the Matrix” did not take place. Because you can go back to their everyday lives, burying your dreams about getting back to see Reeves in the image of the hacker Neo, who became a liberator of mankind.

The talk that sister Wachowski’s are going to shoot a sequel of “the Matrix” appeared this weekend. On Saturday, the media trumpeted the fact that Keanu has already met with the wachowskis and they have even had time to discuss the details of the future of the two projects. By the way, their creatures were allegedly also involved the author of “Avatar” and “Terminator” by James Cameron.

The dates of the premieres of sequels of “the Matrix” have not been announced, however, fans of this cult of the story were willing to wait just to see such a welcome continuation. But, unfortunately, this will not happen. Most likely, never.

As it turned out, as often happens in the Network, the basis for this sensational news was an interview with Keanu 2011, when he said that the possibility of shooting a fourth and fifth “Matrix” is. Since then, the team that worked on the original film, never going to.

What a pity, isn’t it?

Recall that the Matrix is a cult sci-Fi Thriller, filmed by the Wachowski brothers. The film has participated Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishbourne,Carrie-Anne moss and Hugo weaving. The film was released United States March 31, 1999 and marked the beginning of a trilogy of films as well as comic books, computer games and anime based on.

Box office of “the Matrix” was stunning. With a budget of $ 63 million, income was $ 463 million. A good indicator for the end of the 90s.