Julia Kovalchuk have agreed to participate in the show “Dom-2”

Юлия Ковальчук оправдалась за участие в шоу «Дом-2»
Fans of the singer were shocked by the arrival of the singer for the telestroke.

Julia Kovalchuk

Photo: @juliakovalchuk (Instagram Yulia Kovalchuk)

Posting a new picture in his microblog, Julia Kovalchuk warned fans: “Be kind!”. This was due to the fact that the singer has predicted a negative reaction of fans to a new photo. The fact that Julia showed subscribers the frame made in the walls of the set of the show “Dom-2”. It turned out that the artist went there to introduce his new hit — “the taming”.

“The music should be in every Home…the Girls, after reading your first comments and anticipating the next, I want you to answer in order for the music reached the heart, a place, and methods are not important, — said Julia. ‘You’re all clever me! So be kind to each other. I You all love!”

The emergence of Kovalchuk on the controversial telestroke has led to discord in the ranks of her fans. Those who supported the singer and those who, despite the request of Julia, and condemned her began to sort things out in the comments of a post. However, the singer during his long career, probably, have long been accustomed to the attacks of enemies, and learned not to react badly to their criticisms.

But more recently Julia enjoyed the harmony away from the bustling capital. New year Kovalchuk had met in Spain, where for a few days out with her husband — Alexey Chumakov in Andorra. Judging by the pictures, the couple had a perfect romantic vacation that will remain in the minds of the spouses wonderful memories.