Ivan Okhlobystin tried to shoot in the center of Moscow

Ивана Охлобыстина пытались застрелить в центре Москвы Many years ago, the actor became a party to the conflict with criminal authority. Ivan Okhlobystin came together with friends at the festival, where literally almost fell under the gun of a man dressed in fashion in the 90-ies of the crimson jacket. For this garment-you can make out bandit at the time.

      Ивана Охлобыстина пытались застрелить в центре Москвы

      The fashion house of Versace in 1992 demonstrated a new collection, the emphasis was placed on crimson jackets and classic pants. A month later the fashion has reached and Russia. At first, few dared to wear such, but eventually crimson jacket became a kind of uniform of “new Russians”. On it, a gold chain and a heavy mobile phone in the crowd it was easy to learn the business of a bandit of that time. On this one and ran into Ivan Okhlobystin.

      Ivan Okhlobystin: “Mother-in-law promised me neutered!”

      Ивана Охлобыстина пытались застрелить в центре Москвы

      One day we were invited to this cool festival. There were to be found politicians – Anatoly Chubais, Boris Berezovsky, and even stars of Hollywood – Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro. They, along with our filmmakers “sat in the restaurant near the hotel “Russia”. By the way, some of my classmates were fans of De Niro. Came to him directly during the Banquet, in broken English convinced the actor that their company is much more fun and they are ready to show him Moscow. It just so happened that by the time the restaurant ran out of wine, and Robert wanted to continue to celebrate the arrival. Therefore, right from the event, the actor went to the Institute’s hostel. But no matter what, for the morning flight to Aeroport De Niro safely managed.

      We wykowski a large company assembled to take a walk at the festival. Never liked to dress up, and then tried from the soul: Renata Litvinova wearing a yellow jacket with broad shoulders, and Fyodor Bondarchuk, Tigran Keosayan and Ivan Okhlobystin wearing brown bell-bottom pants. At the party the first thing began to look after some escaped to the buffet, and we with Ivan were alone. He spotted the crowd of invited guests respectable man in a crimson jacket. Okhlobystin came up with the idea to make a joke. Ivan began to literally haunt him, walked at his heels, flashed before my eyes, and copied the movement. “Crimson jacket, of course, was no fool and noticed it. Once silent, the other, but then made the remark: “it is Impermissible that the student was acting so rude” – and angrily wagged his finger. Daredevil Vanya, this request did not stop, he continued to scoff, and I decided not to interfere with – stood by and giggled.

      Ивана Охлобыстина пытались застрелить в центре Москвы

      After 10 minutes, the patience of this “new Russian” has burst. Okhlobystin I wanted to Pat him on the shoulder and escape, but did not. The man suddenly took out from his jacket a gun and pointed it at Vanya. “You gonna show-off in front of friends to beat?” shouted “crimson jacket”. Jokes aside, a gun is real. Someone from the invited guests began to shout: “he’s Got a gun!” The girls began to hide behind the men – scary after all… Many of Vanino place, just started to apologize and beg to clean the gun. But Okhlobystin even did not blink.

      Not taking his eyes from the man, Ivan, for no apparent reason grabbed the gun with his teeth. This outburst from him was not expected. Even I, a close friend. “Well, you and a woodpecker, man!” “the man said. He froze in surprise and didn’t know what to do in such a situation. Apparently realized that a fight is better not to join. And we vgikovtsy had on the Creek resort from the buffet – I thought now the showdown begins. “I will take you down next to him never saw the puppy,” hissed the man and slowly removed the gun under his belt. And the most insulting, that standing next to people not even trying to help van: did not attack the abuser, the hands are not twisted. Scared, perhaps, to fall under the hot hand. Maybe just not yet. “Crimson jacket” quickly walked toward the exit, and there he was gone. We, of course, was taken aback by what he saw, and then let’s laugh for ten minutes. Okhlobystin was all red from laughing. However, suddenly grabbed his head. “Now he Institute the complaint dashed off, and I’ll get expelled,” he worried. But all went well. From the University we get kicked out”.