Irina Bezrukova asked the fans about the support

Ирина Безрукова попросила фанатов о поддержке
The actress spent the evening with a famous humorist.

Irina Bezrukov and Mikhail Zadornov


Irina Bezrukova
delighted fans of good news. How to tell the actress she started
shooting a new season of her own show “a Conversation on stage with Irina Bezrukovoj”.
She announced on the page on the social network.

The first guest in the new
series with Bezrukovoj became a friend of the actress — Mikhail Zadornov. However, due to the
the big break in the filming of the program, Irina was very nervous before the meeting with
famous comedian, as told to his fans. “As mine likes to say
a good friend of Michael Zadornov: “are You ready?” Keep me
fingers crossed!” — posted by Bezrukov. However, after day Irina
admitted that just before the beginning of work on a new program, excitement
stepped away and she got enormous pleasure from recording the show.

First Bezrukov
appeared with its author’s transfer on the screens of TV viewers in the summer of 2015.
Then the guests her “Studio” had become: ex-husband of the actress Sergey Bezrukov, Denis Matsuev, Dmitry Kharatyan and many others. The sides of Irina within the TV show shared
details of his work, which is usually hidden from prying eyes. Then, in
the filming of the program was a break, which lasted a year. In recognition
Bezrukovoj, it happened because of what happened to the crisis in the country.