In the case of the struggle of Alexei Panin for daughter set point

В деле о борьбе Алексея Панина за дочь поставлена точка The actor said that the litigation is over, and the beloved daughter niusia remains to live with him. To raise a child he will with his 23-year-old girl. NUS very pleased with the outcome. Earlier, the girl said that I would not like to spend time with his birth mother.

The perennial struggle of Alexei Panin for the right to raise a child, it seems, ended. Today, the actor said that he won another trial against the former wife Yulia Yudintseva, and now my daughter niusia on legal grounds remains to live with him. In April the court decided in favor of the actor. The girl’s mother, such an outcome did not suit and she appealed. But the first instance decision in the end was left unchanged. The happy father could not resist and posted in Instagram a photo with the happy heir.

“The courts are over! Vladimir regional court upheld the previous decision. The NUS, by law, have to live with me. Thanks to my dear lawyer Natalia. I hope she, along with Yulin lawyer will be able to do everything that the mother began to communicate normally with her daughter,” – wrote in the microblog actor.

Fans congratulated the star with the completion of a difficult stage and wished him to this scandal is soon forgotten. In their opinion, Panin – about a father who seeks to act solely in the best interests of the child.

“I congratulate you, be happy and behave well. Protect my daughter from all the scandals, she should be proud of you, blush for you in the future! Be smarter,” “Father! Congratulations! You’re a tiger!”, “Congratulations! You are a good father!” – wrote in Instagram of the actor fans.

Previously Alexey Panin told about that nine-year-old niusia independently made the decision to live with him. She does not deal with the mother and does not want to be with her. The actor took daughter Julia Yudintseva when she was only eight months. According to the artist, once a woman left the NUS one on the ground floor of the house, tied to a chair while she went to sleep for a second, being drunk. According to star cinema, previously Yulia was treated in a psychiatric hospital.

Ex-wife Panina sent their daughter to “hell”

Now the daughter Panin lives not only with his father, but with his new girlfriend – 23-year-old Olga. The chosen artist gets on well with the girl and has managed to go with her on vacation in the Crimea. The actor likes the new love fully shared his interests. For example, the couple does not hesitate to spend time on nudist beaches and enjoy your vacation on a yacht in the Nude. By the way, for this Alexei repeatedly rebuked members of his social networks.