Igor Vernik has hinted at a new romance

Игорь Верник намекнул на новый роман The actor was captured with a mysterious girl named Daria. Wernick has dedicated her poems. Fans of celebrity suggested that she is in love with Igor and noticed that they look great together.

      52-year-old actor and avid smoothie Igor Vernik is now in Jurmala, where a lot of sport and having fun. However, the attention of many fans of people’s artist drew the last picture of Wernicke in Instagram where he is always smiling broadly, and sealed together with a charming girl model looks. Friend of Igor name is Dasha, and, apparently, he was fascinated by her beauty. Showman even dedicated to his friend poems.

      Subscribers Wernicke noticed that he and his companion look great together and wished the couple happiness. According to many, Dasha just looks amazing. “Beautiful girl, Igor”, “Super”, “Wonderful!”, “More love photos..”, “Do you have a new relationship,” they wrote.

      At the same time, other fans of the charismatic showman was seriously troubled due to the fact that wernick injured my right hand and now wears it on the bus. They wished the beloved actor a speedy recovery.

      By the way, Igor Vernik, had several sweethearts, whose name was Daria. So, in 2014 the company of celebrities vacationing in the Spanish of Catalonia, made his son Gregory and charming Daria Rozova from the city of Kimry of the Tver region. Readers of men’s magazines could see her Topless on the pages of one of the famous glossy magazines. To Pink the actor was keen on the singer Darya Astafyeva, a soloist of NikitA group, and had previously wanted to marry model Daria Starovas. However, the wedding never took place. In his interview with the star admitted that it happened in a quarrel with the chosen one.

      Recall that in December last year, Igor Vernik broke up with actress Eugenia Krapovickas, star of the TV series “Kitchen”. According to rumors, for the sake of showmanship, she left the family, after separating from her husband Artyom Tkachenko. For many pairs of friends, this news came as a complete surprise, because Artem and Eugene seemed genuinely in love with each other. After divorcing Tkachenko Hrapovicky moved to a country house Wernicke and became friends with his successor. However, after some time, Igor broke up with the actress. According to him, this was their Evgenia choice. Igor Vernik broke up with sweetheart