Igor Krutoy threw a fine party on the Cote d’azur

Игорь Крутой закатил изысканную вечеринку на Лазурном берегу Maestro noted the birthday in a circle of close people. Igor Krutoy 29 Jul 63 years. Well-known musician was invited to a celebration for his family. The wife and daughter of the composer Shine on the holiday in luxurious dresses.
Игорь Крутой закатил изысканную вечеринку на Лазурном берегу

The famous composer and producer Igor Krutoy 29 Jul celebrated her birthday. All last Saturday popular artists congratulated the Maestro of 63-anniversary by publishing, together with photos on their pages in social networks.

Personally also Express Igor Krutoy your love on this day could only his closest people, his family. Your birthday, Igor Yakovlevich pointed out in one of the most beautiful places in Europe. A small town near nice on the French Riviera Roquebrune-cap-Martin, the celebrity chosen for a long time, he is considered one of the most luxurious resorts of the Old world.

Игорь Крутой закатил изысканную вечеринку на Лазурном берегу

In one of the restaurants of this city Igor Krutoy and invited his family – wife Olga, daughters Sasha and Vika with her husband, son Nicholas and his wife Julia. A fashionable restaurant with an open platform which offers a stunning view of the sea, was decorated with many flowers on the tables were the candlesticks, giving the holiday of elegance and romanticism.

The leading party was the showman Timur Rodriguez. “Held and played a concert yesterday at the Birthday Maestro! Igor Yakovlevich, dear, happy! See you in September at the New Wave!” – signed picture in the microblog Steep Timur Rodriguez.

Wife of Igor Krutoy and his daughter chose for the celebration luxury outfits. Olga Cool, as always, was very elegant. The woman looked wonderful in a dress of emerald green floor length, which is beneficial emphasized her slender figure. Vika Krutaya chose a dress fashion colors Nude with a front slit. Well, 14-year-old Alexander was resplendent in dark blue dress length above knee.

Members of the wife of Igor Krutoy Olga expressed his admiration for the Maestro, his close-knit family. They admitted that the white envy the wife of the composer. “What you happy! How lucky you are! Watch and envy your life – as in a fairy tale! I wish all little such luck, all the best to you”, “Igor Krutoy – the most gorgeous man on the planet! It combines all the qualities of this elegant men! You are very lucky!”, “Happy birthday! Olga, take care of your beloved Igor, these are no more! Happiness and love to you!” such comments under the photo of the composer with his wife leaving fans of the couple.

It is worth noting that Igor Krutoy lives in permanent separation from family. He almost always is in Russia, where the celebrity favorite work, and overseas, in the US, waiting for his wife, two daughters and a granddaughter. Despite the huge distance separating these people, they are really close and dedicated to each other all their free time. So, Igor Krutoy and his family always spend the summer holidays. Women of Igor Krutoy was struck by the elegant figures in swimsuits