How to make repair and not to divorce: 7 tips Profi

Как сделать ремонт и не развестись: 7 советов профи

Repair is often compared to a catastrophe or natural disaster. However, if you approach it correctly, too much loss of nerve cells can be avoided.

Как сделать ремонт и не развестись: 7 советов профи

We asked an experienced interior designer Natalia Naumov, how to minimize moral repair costs.

1. Prepare mentally

Before starting repairs, you need to weigh the pros and cons. If you understand that neither time nor finances, you are not, it is better to postpone repairs until better times. Otherwise you are waiting for some disappointment.

2. Hire an expert

Not to argue and not quarrel over trifles, choosing the interior style and the color of the furniture, it is better to hire a qualified designer with his construction crew. It will take into account the wishes of both spouses and will find a compromise solution.

Как сделать ремонт и не развестись: 7 советов профи

3. Simulate the situation

If you still plan on doing the repairs yourself, make a drawing of your future interior to scale. Arrange furniture, plan outlet and insights under the electric equipment and lamps so that they do not interfere with each other. Everything else can be put on the shoulders of the superintendent. However, his choice is no small task.

Как сделать ремонт и не развестись: 7 советов профи

4. Compare brigade

The quality and the cost of repairs depends on the construction crew. Unfortunately, on the market today many nonprofessional services so before you sign a contract, invite 2-3 representatives of construction crews in order to form estimates for works and materials. Asked to view objects made teams take customer contacts, learn recommendations.

5. Prepare reserves

Be prepared for the fact that provisional amount may be increased by half. In the repair process sure found hidden problems — electrical, plumbing, heating, floors, etc. to ensure that the repair is still finished and was turned into a long nightmare, you need to have financial reserve.

Also in the budget be sure to consider ancillary work, for example, loading and unloading and trash removal, builders are often not taken into account and only bill after the fact.

Как сделать ремонт и не развестись: 7 советов профи

When budgeting for repairs, try to consider all factors of your future perfect home — furniture, lighting, rugs , textiles, and decor. It so happens that the last repair was for a long time, the economic situation has changed, seemingly ordinary things seriously hit the budget. For example, a set of sockets and switches for 3-bedroom apartment can cost 120 thousand rubles, and textiles (curtains, bedspreads, etc.) can cost cost about 300 thousand.

6. Save time

Plan a timetable of works and financial expenditure on paper. Check your vision and the opinion of the workers — it will help you to structure your thoughts and put things in order in Affairs.

And in order to avoid idle repair crews try to determine the contractors before work starts, and not to look for during the repair of those who would put you a new steel door or hang air conditioning.

Как сделать ремонт и не развестись: 7 советов профи

7. Divide up responsibilities

Prior to repair will divide responsibilities between themselves. For example, the wife responsible for the artistic part, and my husband — for technical and financial. This will save you from wrangling and mutual accusations, everyone will do their job.

And, of course, remember that during the repair of the main principle — TRUST BUT VERIFY. Control of construction — necessary and regular procedure.

In conclusion, it should be noted that repair is a serious test of the marital relationship. This is a stressful situation, during which people can reveal their true face to show as your best and worst quality.

Relations during the repair are the mirror of the true state of Affairs in the family, therefore, love and mutual respect are key not only for successful repair but also long life together. A successful repair!

Thank you for advice and illustration of an interior designer Natalia Naumov.