Halle berry has published a Topless photo of yourself

Холли Берри опубликовала фото топлесс
The actress is luring subscribers on his page in Instagram.

Холли Берри опубликовала фото топлесс

Halle Berry

Photo: Instagram.com

Former “bond girl” — Holly berry,
Frank has posted a picture on his page in the social network. The actress is quite
recently joined Instagram users, and as a “priming”
showed the world his photo Topless. Berry looks forward to the attention of
the public and intended, probably, to catch up on the number of subscribers of record holders of Instagram Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian.

“Hi everyone! Today is a very exciting
day for me. I decided that I wanted to share with fans their feelings and emotions. Now I will regularly make you happy inspirational pictures
nature, architecture and me!” — signed photo of Holly. Just
a few hours to “Catwoman” was signed by more than 130 thousand
people. Quite a good result for a beginner. But to a record 72 million
Selena Gomez, considered the Queen of Instagram, berry, of course, still
very far.

The idea of having a page in social
the network appeared from Holly a few days ago during a vacation in Mexico in the company of her ex-husband Olivier Martinez and their baby. Many fans
the actress, having learned that the couple decided to spend the holidays together, have already put forward
bold assumptions about the reunification of berry and Martinez. Although, in the light
events, after which two-year marriage the actress and Olivier broke up, this may
to seem almost incredible. After all, the reason for the breakup of Hollywood
stars with her husband was his unbridled temperament. Olivier arranged for her
jealousy, and was not averse to beating up the first person who dared to look at her…

Halle berry with her Daughter and Olivier Martinez

Photo: Splash News/East news