Hackers released Nude pictures of Emma Watson

Хакеры обнародовали снимки обнаженной Эммы Уотсон In a Network published personal photos of the actress. Presumably, the attackers broke into the account of Emma Watson in the cloud. As a result, in the Internet appeared not only candid shots of stars, but also video.

      Хакеры обнародовали снимки обнаженной Эммы Уотсон

      Today, the Network appeared information about the fact that the 26-year-old star of the “Harry Potter” Emma Watson has become the victim of hackers. Apparently, the attackers were able to hack iCloud celebrity. As a result, in the Internet there were more than 120 photos of the actress and a couple of videos of explicit nature. In the pictures, spreading through forums, a celebrity trying on new clothes and posing naked in the bath.

      It should be noted that some frames can not see the face of Emma. This has led some users to question their authenticity. At the same time, other fans Watson analyzed the location of moles on the clavicles of the girl and came to the conclusion that the picture shows exactly the star of the “Harry Potter”.

      On one of the portals is also a list of other celebrities whose cloud storage data, were allegedly hacked. The hackers claimed to have personal photos Kylie Jenner, Kirsten dunst, Marisa Tomei, Abigail Spencer and Jillian Murray. The attackers claim that very soon will post their candid snaps online.

      Хакеры обнародовали снимки обнаженной Эммы Уотсон

      Earlier, a similar scandal erupted in early 2014. Then there was a massive drain of personal photos of celebrities. Among the victims were Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten dunst, Kate Upton and many others.

      We will remind that on March 16 in Russia will premiere the highly anticipated musical Disney’s “beauty and the beast,” in which Emma Watson played a major role. And at the end of April the world will present a different picture with the stars of the “Harry Potter” – the movie “Sphere”, which also starred Tom Hanks, Karen Gillan and bill Paxton. In this regard, Emma Watson actively distributes interview, in which talks about the premiere and shares his beliefs. Recently, the actress became the heroine of the March issue of Vanity Fair.

      “The private life for me is not an abstract idea. I want to be consistent: can’t tell about her boyfriend in interviews, or later the paparazzi will be watching my every move. Hollywood is often the personal relationships of the actors used for the movie promotion is part of the show becomes the people you meet. I hate everyone who tried to use me that way,” said the star.

      On one of the frames that appeared in the glossy publication, the actress poses Topless. This picture sparked heated debate on the Network. Internet users chided Watson that she, as a feminist, is extremely inconsistent. After some time Emma responded to comments on. During the conversation with journalists, the star said he did not understand how her beliefs are connected and the part in the photo shoot. According to the actress, she is shocked by such accusations. Emma Watson excited Topless

      Хакеры обнародовали снимки обнаженной Эммы Уотсон