Granddaughter Sofia Rotaru said, what kind of dreams the chosen one

Внучка Софии Ротару рассказала, о каком избраннике мечтает Model Sofia Yevdokymenko far from romance. Granddaughter Sofia Rotaru announced the selection criteria for a life partner. A girl will seriously approach the issue of marriage, because in her family the traditional way.

      Внучка Софии Ротару рассказала, о каком избраннике мечтает

      15-year-old granddaughter Sofia Rotaru Sonia Evdokimenko successfully beginning a career as a model and even received royalties for his work. The girl attracts the attention of photographers of glossy magazines and popular brands. After the ball debutantes Tatler, held last year, the younger bell realized the General public. Sofia appeared in front of photo and video cameras in a gorgeous dress from Armani and at one point it gained a lot of fans.

      However, the young lady is in no hurry to give preference to any of the suitors, she believes that we need to think seriously before taking such decisions. Sofia is far from romance, but in the Arsenal of her future boyfriend must be jokes for all occasions.

      “It’s not necessary to sing serenades under the balcony and climb with a bouquet of flowers on the fire escape. I care that the guy was sincere and confident in their words and actions. And they had a good sense of humor, ” explains Evdokimenko. – I have before me the example of family well-being of several generations, so I come to the question of marriage and the birth of children very seriously!”

      While the girl’s heart freely, the chief example is her older brother. Sophia is good friends with the 22-year-old Anatoly. The family connection remains strong even at a distance – the young person lives and studies in Europe.

      By the way, that Anatoly contributed to the fact that Sophia noticed in the fashion world. He is an aspiring photographer and made for my sister a great portfolio. Moreover, in the press, the girl became known as a future star of the fashion business. It is prophesied of the wonderful prospects in this area. Besides, facial features Evdokimenko is a lot like the appearance of the supermodel Cindy Crawford.

      In his free time Anatoliy tries as often as possible to meet with Sonia. “My last birthday we went to celebrate to his brother in London. It was the happiest day of my life! We are very close, Roofing is my best friend and I miss him insanely. Even climbed into his closet and stole a couple of shirts that I wear with pleasure, and feel his presence even at a distance!” – the girl admits in an interview with “Peopletalk”.