Galina Yudashkin has shared a photo in a bikini after giving birth

Галина Юдашкина поделилась фото в бикини после родов

25-year-old girl was struck by its slim figure.

In the summer of 2015 the daughter of the famous Russian fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin Galina married Peter Maksakova, in September, there were rumors that she was pregnant.

The rumors were true, and on 5 April 2016, it became known that 25-year-old daughter of a famous fashion designer gave birth to her son at a clinic in new York. Heir called Anatoly was my grandfather’s wife Galina – Peter Maksakova.

Less than six months, as Galina began to delight fans of pictures in a swimsuit.

In their summer vacation Galina decided to relax on the coast of Monaco. In his Instagram Yudashkin shares photos of nature, events and beach photos.

The followers were surprised last the 25-year-old mother in bikini and Leopardovy print Galina looked amazing. No excess weight and the postpartum flaws on the body!

“You got a beautiful swimsuit figure and perfect, quietly, that gave birth. Good for you”, “you look great! Well recovered after birth”, “you are so slim”, is showered with compliments Yudashkin.

By the way, weekend in Monaco Galina holds. “Flew for two days from my son, and I already miss it so much! But don’t get discouraged!” – shared her emotions with mother.