Fans Pokemon Go nearly trampled Bieber

Фанаты Pokemon Go чуть не затоптали Бибера

The players were so passionate about hunting for cartoon characters that he didn’t notice the star, walking down the street.

Pokemonmay continues to gain momentum. More and more people around the world are running to catch the cartoons (according to the rules need to search for virtual pokémon in the city), despite the time of day and employment…

A lot of catchers pokémon appeared on Monday in the Central Park of new York. People, just brainwashed, sent the phone in one direction and then the other to catch the coveted Pikachu.

Among those who were trying to catch tadpoles by the tail, was and 22-year-old singer Justin Bieber.

And more curious: the players were so busy with the app, I didn’t even notice the star next to them… in fact, Justin even went when he was close to winning it a couple of times accidentally pushed.

And maybe about the passion of Justin’s pokemon Yes the events in the Park and no one would know, if not… the Manager of the singer. He posted the video in the network. The video, surprisingly, proved to be extremely popular. And in the first hour gathered almost 10 thousand views.

Video posted by Scooter Braun (@scooterbraun) Jul 18 2016 12:05 PDT

However, before the fame Kim Kardashian Bieber so far away. The reality TV star earned 700 thousand dollars a night. And what, you think I did? No, it is not demonstrated, the world-famous buttocks.

She just had to come to the party, one oligarch and one hour to do with the guests self. Yes, you heard right! 700 thousand dollars, which is almost 44 million rubles, for nothing but pictures. But to the star itself would be torn to pieces, she has brought 25 personal bodyguards.