Ex-wife Panina sent their daughter to “hell”

Экс-супруга Панина послала их с дочерью к «чертовой матери» Former elected representatives met in the new show Dmitry Shepelev. Panin and Udintsev honestly answered the most provocative questions. The situation there was very tense, the guests exchanged insults. Julia did not go to reconciliation with the heir and actor.
Экс-супруга Панина послала их с дочерью к «чертовой матери»

Guests of the first edition of the show Dmitry Shepelev “really” were ex-spouses, Alexey Panin Julia Udintsev. The parents of 9-year-old Ani were tested on lie detector to find out the tense moments.

For the filming of the TV show, the former civil wife flew in from St. Petersburg. A few days ago, Panin left the post in a social network in which he said that it pumped out drug treatment because she was in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Dmitry Shepelev intervened in the family quarrel Panina

Guests on pre-made questions to each other. From the first minute of the program Alex and Julia were rude and abused. Dimitri tried to calm the former husband and wife. In the beginning, Panin said that he wants to settle all the disputed points.

“Unfortunately, we have to talk to you now are things that would be regarded by people as die and fall all the dirt out,” explained Alex.

The actor recalled that took away the daughter from the mother at the age of eight months. According to the artist, once she left the NUS one on the ground floor of the house, tied to a chair while she went to sleep for a second, being drunk. According to star cinema, previously Yulia was treated in a psychiatric hospital, so it could afford such behavior.

Экс-супруга Панина послала их с дочерью к «чертовой матери»“Julia has the chance and opportunity to become a friend for my daughter,” said Panin.
Экс-супруга Панина послала их с дочерью к «чертовой матери»

According to Udintseva agree with Panin impossible. The woman considers herself a good mother, but doesn’t remember weight and height of the successor at birth.

First, Julia asked, if Alex goes in front of your daughter naked. She got to this question a negative answer. However, the actor did not hide the fact that a couple of times, the heiress could see him in the Nude.

“For such people are put in jail! This article,” reported Udintsev.
Экс-супруга Панина послала их с дочерью к «чертовой матери»

Roman Ustyuzhanin and Igor Fedorov, the expert polygraph testing how truthful their answers, and Sabina Pantus was determined by facial expressions and gestures, when the hero tells a lie.

Udintsev answered the question about drugs. According to the woman, she will not use illegal substances, however there were a few episodes while she lived in the United States. Julia also denies that recently drank alcohol.

Экс-супруга Панина послала их с дочерью к «чертовой матери»“No. I didn’t use. I had a case when I studied in America. I tried to smoke pot when I was there. I almost got mad,” said Udintsev.

Alex agreed to answer a similar question. It turned out that he had an incident when he had used banned substances.

Panin also openly talked about their orgies. According to the actor, the child never saw dad with other women during intimacy. Because the artist loves to undress during the holidays, Udintsev decided to ask about what sunbathing does the NUS with his father on the same ship when he was surrounded by half naked girls. “My daughter was in a similar boat in a few days”, – said Alexei, and his response acknowledged truthful.

Panin noted that the ex-fiancee wants to put it in a negative light before the public.

“To accuse me and throw mud it is more profitable and more necessary, than to make peace and to establish a relationship with his daughter. I persuade you to see the child, I want you to inflicted injury to a child. To become the child mother, friend have You done anything to configure the child against themselves,” – said Alexey.
Экс-супруга Панина послала их с дочерью к «чертовой матери»

According to Udintseva, the other day she spoke with her daughter. And then Panin posted their conversation in “Instagram”. Julia is angry, as a former civilian spouse could do so. According to Alexey, he was not the initiator of the shooting, and that the NUS had called him at the time of the conversation with the parent. Daughter of Alexei Panin publicly ridiculed the mother

Экс-супруга Панина послала их с дочерью к «чертовой матери»“He’s completely bad”, – said the woman to the address of the actor.

The lawyer of Udintseva Nazar Nazarov claims that Alex was first trying to agree with Julia about her meetings with NUS. According to the lawyer, his client will not pay child support.

According to Julia, her ex-husband might even kill someone. Next, they wanted to find out whether Udintsev tried to commit suicide in the presence of nyusi. The expert described the reaction of women is inadequate.

“I was in such a state when I realized that this damn freak will never look away from me, will always haunt me. There was a moment,” said Julia.

In the Studio was also attended by mother Panina and Udintseva. According to the mother of Alexis, one day, Julia raised her hand.

“She put the bailiff on the wall, and then tried to hit me with the fist…. Then he lifted his leg, moved by subject, then his head against the wall. I had a concussion,” said mom Panin.

Udintsev admitted that he raised his hand on a woman but not beat her. Detector highlight the word “lie.” Mom is ex-wife Panina, Hope, Udintsev said that the actor is silent for some info. “If he refuses to answer questions, it makes yourself worse. It was his conscious choice,” said Shepelev.

Yulia’s mother claims that Panin had caused her severe injuries. According to the daughter of women, it happened twice. The actor continues to insist that did not beat the Hope feet.

Julia did not deny that once loved Alexis. However, she said, she would like to erase from memory the day of their acquaintance.

At the end of transmission Shepelev called into the Studio with the daughter Panin and Udintseva. The NUS has publicly appealed for her mother.

“Mom, I don’t mind to chat with you, but you can’t hear me. I want to live with dad, dad I want to live,” said the girl.
Экс-супруга Панина послала их с дочерью к «чертовой матери»

After that, the girl walked over to the father. Yulia and Alexei urged to leave the Studio together to make up for my daughter. However, the former couple was able to forget about the grievances on each other. Udintsev reacted sharply to the proposal of the leader.

Экс-супруга Панина послала их с дочерью к «чертовой матери»“You go to hell,” said Udintsev.

“I’m tired, I make a monster. My child is happy with me,” he said at the end of the transfer Panin, NUS having withdrawn the hand from the Studio.