“Eurovision 2016”: Jamala sang at corporate events in Sochi

«Евровидение 2016»: Джамала пела на корпоративах в Сочи

Many saw the song Jamala political overtones about the joining of Crimea to Russia, but nevertheless, it turns out, the singer earns at corporate parties in our country.

Jamal came to us on new year’s corporate in the ski resort “Rosa Khutor” in 2015. Why the speech has attracted attention only now and all alarmed, remembering the events of a year ago? And the case statements Jamala-for every press-conference of Eurovision, which ended this Saturday. Officially, the song is the winner of “1944” was dedicated to the deportation of Crimean Tatars from the Peninsula 62 years ago (her father is Crimean Tatar, Armenian mother). Told how it affected her family, how much suffering her family endured because of the decision on deportation. And the song “1944” was written long ago…

But too many have no idea that Jamal is disingenuous – in actual fact we are talking about the annexation of Crimea to Russia in 2014! By the way, Prancer Vovan called the singer, posing as the assistant to the President of Ukraine, wormed and has the truth. Jamal sings about the recent events… it turns out that the winner of the last “Eurovision”, and I have experienced the release of the Crimea from the Ukraine, went to the office party-2015 in Sochi! And, judging by the photos of the portals, well spent time…

We will remind, voting on “Eurovision 2016” was very intense. Bookmakers, music critics and the world’s media predicted our Sergey Lazarev first place, but he finished third. The first was Ukraine, the second is Australia. And it’s only after the audience vote! The professional jury has put our country on the fifth place ranking after Malta, France, Ukraine and Australia. Viewers of “Eurovision”, of course, such result did not expect. But Sergey Lazarev after the finale was quite calm.

“Friends, we did everything we could – with a smile he told reporters. And then he added: – Thank you for your support. Third place is very good. I am very happy and felt everyone who was worried and cheered for me. I have no words, because it was very nervous. But I am very grateful to you.”

He also congratulated Ukrainian singer Jamal with the victory: “Congratulations to Ukraine! They are great”.

But now another affair, which is wrapped now. Who will go to represent Russia in the Ukraine next year? And every day, then a new candidate. While this Cord and Natasha Koroleva. But whether still will be!