Emilia Clarke has shocked fans with her figure

 Эмилия Кларк потрясла фанатов своей фигурой
The actress played the Mother of Dragons naked without understudy.

 Эмилия Кларк потрясла фанатов своей фигурой

Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke, who plays
in the cult series “Game of thrones” the role of the powerful Mother of Dragons
pleased its many fans by appearing Nude in the latest
to date series of the TV show.

In fact, the actress has previously
had a chance to display your figure without clothes close-up.
So, in the last episode of the first season, the heroine Emilia appears effectively from
flame totally naked, shamefully hanging on to one of barely
hatched baby dragons. Clark
appeared in the TV series without clothes and later. But, as recognized by the actress, her
own body the audience until yesterday, only ever seen it once — just in the first season. And since, according to the decision
the creators of the series, for the filming of those scenes where the heroine Clark appears bare, drew
the stand-in.

Beauty replaced in Emilia
the most risky scenes — professional model Rosie Mac. Curiously,
through its work, the understudy, the Mac itself was the real star. Rosie time
from time to time laid out on his page in the social network pictures from the movie,
where it appears instead of Emilia. As a result, she has acquired many millions of fans. But at some
the moment the creators of the series decided to abandon its services, so
the last episode, the audience had the opportunity again to admire the figure
the Emily Clark. And this spectacle brought them into complete joy.

And Clark, which has remained
very pleased with the reaction of their fans, decided to explain how she even
refers to “nudity”. “Everybody thinks that I have something against shooting
without clothes. This is absolutely not true. If it is really necessary in the story,
I don’t have any problems to being naked!” — said 29-year-old actress. And
so, fans of the actress, there is every reason to hope that Emilia has not yet
will bring them their spectacular appearances in the Nude.

Emilia Clarke