Elena Temnikova shaved daughter shaved

Елена Темникова побрила дочку наголо
The singer decided on a bold step.

Elena Temnikova with my daughter

Elena Temnikova has recently published a picture of your grown up daughters Alexandra. However, the photo led some followers of the singer in confusion. The fact that Elena showed fans a new haircut his year-old baby. As it turned out, in order that in the future she had luxurious, thick hair, Alexander shaved bald.In

New haircut girl has caused a mixed reaction among fans. Someone figured out that shaving the hair of young children “under a zero” — is absolutely senseless. However, there were also those who believe that such manipulation of hair feasible. Between the commentators serious debate broke out. By the way, fans of Temnikovo could not fail to notice that her daughter Helena is growing its small copy.

We will remind that Elena has long concealed the face of his baby, but lately she often pleases fans of pictures of Alexandra. So, she often shares videos of the main character which is her daughter. However, fans are a little upset that a joint photo with her husband, businessman Dmitry Sergeyev Elena in microblogging is almost there. Most family snapshots, the singer poses with her daughter one, giving rise to many rumors in the family of the singer are not going smoothly.In