Egor creed: “the Kept woman is not for me”

Егор Крид: «Содержанки – не для меня» The young actor candidly spoke about relationships with women. A musician trying to build a serious relationship, but has not yet met the right person. By the way, very soon, Egor Krid will take the reader to the prom “StarHit”.

      Егор Крид: «Содержанки – не для меня»

      Egor creed thousands of fans, but he confessed to me, the columnist of “Stargate” Olga Homeland, still single. Who knows what the outcome of his meeting with the winner of our competition “At graduation with Egor Creed!”. Recently Greg has a new hobby – Boxing. He asked me to come to the Boxing Academy in the Small arena SK “Luzhniki”. I caught the end of the workout. Creed remained confidently in the ring, took a blow from the opponent, answered him… This one definitely will not give offense.

      “Women are judged by their actions”

      Egor, how long you been Boxing?
      Егор Крид: «Содержанки – не для меня»A couple of months. Helps to deal with emotions. Due to overload can take out. As a result, frustrated at others. And now I have a place to throw out the negative. Well, just like a healthy lifestyle. As a child, went to karate and, don’t laugh, playing chess: I was the second rank. Then there were the basketball, football, tennis… —
      That is unable to move if anything?
      Егор Крид: «Содержанки – не для меня» If your favorite will need protection.
      Егор Крид: «Содержанки – не для меня»
      Have already had?
      Егор Крид: «Содержанки – не для меня»Once you open the door, and there the paparazzi: he made his way to me and my girlfriend at my house, I took him by the scruff and dragged him up the stairs… was Ready to destroy him, but to battering is not reached. —
      A real man…
      Егор Крид: «Содержанки – не для меня»Of course! Ready to become a stone wall for his lady. You women judge us by their actions, so you need to do more and talk less.—
      And many girls still love to be contained. To such ready?
      Егор Крид: «Содержанки – не для меня»I’m always impressed by girls who are not sitting idle, who have the dream, the goal, and they go to her. A man should provide for his family. But I would not like to the question: “what does your soul mate?” reply that she goes to restaurants and beauty salons. So a kept – not for me. You mess with that which I will be proud. Not that I’m cheap. When made much money, all the money spend on all sorts of nice things for loved ones. It is important for me to see happiness in his eyes. For example, when you Wake up in the morning early, go to the kitchen to fry pancakes, brewed coffee and bring you Breakfast in bed.—
      When you began to contain himself?
      Егор Крид: «Содержанки – не для меня»In Moscow, I moved in 17 years, has signed a contract with the music label Black Star Inc, and a year later he began to earn. My father taught me that you need to rely only on themselves and know the value of money. I don’t understand majors, who only spend and hang out.—
      That he spent his first big fee?
      Егор Крид: «Содержанки – не для меня»Three months of saving up money and eventually made myself a birthday gift – I bought a car the Mercedes Gelandewagen. Now more often ride with a driver-bodyguard. It’s safer that way.

      “We broke up three months later”

      Егор Крид: «Содержанки – не для меня»
      Your heart is now free?
      Егор Крид: «Содержанки – не для меня»Yes. Before I was amorous, but not now. For some reason no one touches.—
      Can’t be… What should be the girl to please you?
      Егор Крид: «Содержанки – не для меня»Sincere, kind, without bad habits. And most importantly – economic. My last girlfriend was exactly like this. The girl lives abroad. And it so happened that she arrived in Moscow, and I had to go on tour. Go back home, and my bachelor apartment literally licked all things in their place, a little redecorating. She tried so hard that even the hands are wiped. I was very pleased. But many girls now do not even be removed.—
      And why with such a perfect nothing happened?
      Егор Крид: «Содержанки – не для меня»Perhaps that distance and different personalities. We broke up three months later. Like all, could quarrel. But it was nothing some. For me, if the girl brings on strong negative emotions, you need to put an end.
      Егор Крид: «Содержанки – не для меня»
      Nobody is perfect…
      Егор Крид: «Содержанки – не для меня»I agree! To me it is not easy in everyday life: apartment is like a huge closet. Imagine – you come, and lies around eight suitcases with clothes, which, because of the tour I don’t have time to disassemble. This year for the first time hired a housekeeper, I realized that without it in any way. Because of work don’t have time. —
      May 2 “StarHit” launches the contest in the final of which you will lead the winner to the prom. Do you remember your?
      Егор Крид: «Содержанки – не для меня»And I didn’t hit him, because that day acted in “Luzhniki” in Moscow. I first came on the scene as the artist music label Black Star Inc. —
      Though to learn you liked?
      Егор Крид: «Содержанки – не для меня»Until the fifth grade was an excellent student, and then pozabil, made a depression in the music, and the Internet. And it was the right decision. Unlike most of my peers I set myself ambitious goals. Before the life and the job I have now, looked like a fairy tale. And today, the artists do for you come and get acquainted.

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