Dinner is served: keeping the stars in their refrigerators?

Кушать подано: что хранят звезды в своих холодильниках? Fans celebrities have always been interested to find out what to eat every day of their idols. “StarHit” know what is in the refrigerator hit home with Larsen, Rose Sabitova, Alexei Yagudin and of Julianna Karaulova.

      Кушать подано: что хранят звезды в своих холодильниках?

      Fans of the stars of the dream to learn more about how the life of their idols. Many are actively watching what celebrities post their microblogs, stare at each picture and try to see the interior. Even more interesting to learn about what is stored in the refrigerators of the stars, because the content can make conclusions about the way of life, harmful habits and even about the traits of human nature.

      Tutta Larsen holds a liter of soup

      “We have in the fridge, no special exquisite set. Always have fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products and some kinds of cheese. Still need is a big pot of soup for the whole family and a separate small – for younger Vani. Actually, I have never made a cult out of food. Food is our fuel, which must be high quality, healthy and balanced. For example, not so long ago in the program TUTTA.TV “mom’s test”, we explored the steamer-blender.

      All innovations try myself. The steamer has now become indispensable for me. I cook her meals for the whole family, including for the youngest. Then placing them in containers and put in the fridge, albeit briefly, to keep things exceptionally fresh”.

      Rose Sabitova eats packaged food from the supermarket

      Кушать подано: что хранят звезды в своих холодильниках?

      Leading “let’s get married!” is personally involved in the completion of their “white box”. “I don’t trust buying food the AU pair – this is too important a mission,” shares rose. – Shop once a week with vegetables: peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, radish; fruits: apples, pears, grapes, natural yoghurt and a steam cutlets of squid or crab sticks”. To spend time standing at the stove rose does not like.

      “I don’t have time to cook,” explains his choice of presenter. – If you want it hot, eat soup in the restaurant.” The Roses is a taboo – products, which ordered the entrance to her fridge. Among them are sausages, pastries, bread, and pickled cucumbers and tomatoes. Last Sabitova and her colleagues Larisa Guzeeva and Vasilisa Volodin – constantly encouraging guests to their program. “No-no, and has to be treated brought with them canned food,” admits the star.

      Yulianna Karaulova orders food online

      Кушать подано: что хранят звезды в своих холодильниках?

      “Buy products once a week in the online store. It’s easy: bring in the right time, and heavy bags to carry is not necessary. Refrigerator never does, because not so often at home. Everything deteriorates, have to throw away – sorry. Meat buy only chicken or Turkey: cook in the oven, fry or make soup. Still love the fish!

      Cheese products and yogurt come to the rescue, if there is little time for Breakfast. Friends who come home often bring alcohol, but I don’t drink, so all these bottles filled refrigerator. But there is always something to offer”.

      Sergey Stepin indulge yourself and cooked sausage

      Кушать подано: что хранят звезды в своих холодильниках?

      The star of the show “chop” on TNT Sergey Stepin – a fan of dairy products. “We have in the fridge always has cheese and butter, – says Sergey. – Fruit very much, especially apples. Use them for a snack between meals – tasty and healthy. The wife cares for the house to be a first course – soup, borscht or ear. Fish like the red, make her sandwiches. Sometimes, very rarely, indulge in sausage – beloved boiled, its taste brings me back to my childhood. But try not to abuse – after all, it’s not the most healthy food”.

      Alexei Yagudin can’t live without jam

      In the fridge Alexei Yagudin takes pride of place shelf with baby food – the youngest daughter of the skater and his wife Tatiana Totmjanina – Michelle – 8 months. “We love salads,” says Alex. I always have tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers and greens.” The star admits that in their family, a little there.

      “We are not of those who are always on the table and the first and second and compote –said Yagudin. Sometimes I in the morning just drink coffee. But mostly Breakfast scrambled eggs or omelets. For dinner eat meat, most often beef. I try under my wife to adjust and eat whatever she had prepared. Sometimes the soup to cook, but very little to eat, and I have this pan for a week stretch. But at all times in our refrigerator is jam – I can’t live without him, like cherry”.