Daughter Pugacheva and Galina debuted as a singer

Дочь Пугачевой и Галина дебютировала в качестве певицы Little heirs to the stars of show business are growing very talented and musical like their mother. In one episode of the show «Maximmaxim» daughter Galkin and Pugacheva Lisa sang for the guests of the program.

      Show Maximmaxim», recently launched on the First channel, immediately captured the attention of thousands of viewers, because in its air, often appear the children of the author Maxim Galkin, Lisa and Harry. Leading spouse Alla Pugacheva is also a frequent guest of the TV show. In one of the previous releases, the singer appeared half-naked in the bathtub that created a furor among her fans. Netizens are impressed with the video with Alla Pugacheva in the bathroom In another video, the Diva noted that if the program Maximmaxim» won’t be high ratings, then the spouse will not be good.

      This weekend in live TV show family Galkin met with Vladimir Menshov, Vera Alentova and Julia Menshovoj in a warm atmosphere on the terrace of his castle. They remembered the legendary movie «Moscow does not believe in tears» and «Shirley-Myrli». Later the adults joined in the heirs Pugacheva and Galkin Lisa and Harry, and daughter Kristina Orbakaite Claudia. In the video, which appeared online, star Maksim Galkin dad asks his little daughter Lisa to sing into the microphone, «a Song about the captain» from the movie «Children of captain Grant». The girl at first hesitates, and then begins to sing, but accidentally forgets the lyrics of a song. Mom and dad help her and the whole family takes lines from famous musical works.

      Social media users enthusiastically embraced the debut of Lisa in the role of the singer. «So beautiful, Alla Borisovna similar kids, «Angel!», «Such a beauty! An artist!», «Little star! The kids are adorable!», — admired fans Pugacheva.

      Video posted by ALLA PUGACHEVA PHOTOS & VIDEOS (@allaprimadonna) Jul 3 2016 10:44 PDT

      By the way, Maxim Galkin has promised to create for their heirs own show when they get a little older. «I finally decided that my children will be required to appear in «Yeralash» and to sing in the «Voice», — said Maxim Galkin. And when they grow up, they will have their own solo projects on the First channel, Garigari» and «Lisalisa».

      So far, the children are removed together with a star dad. In one of the issues they have listened attentively to the stories that they read Maxim Galkin. Lisa and Harry look at pictures, comment on images and leaping laughing.