Daughter of Vitaly Gogunsky has eclipsed his father’s

Дочка Виталия Гогунского затмила своего отца
Little Milan won the hearts of viewers in the image of Marilyn Monroe.

Daughter Of Vitaly Gogunsky
Milan managed to win the hearts of millions of viewers. Baby debuted
in the program “one to One” in the image of Marilyn Monroe. Little Milan so
impressed with the rigorous refereeing that received the highest score from all the jury members.
Moreover, Milan even managed to outshine his talented father, who
scored 10 points less than the baby.

Milan played the most famous song of Marilyn’s “I Wanna Be Loved by You”, which the audience was left in awe. The special charm of the girl gave the newly fallen milk teeth, which, however, did not stop her to sing a complicated song in English. Himself Vitaly delighted fans with his appearance in the image of Soso Pavliashvili.

For Milana it is not
the first performance on stage in the framework of the mentioned project parody. On
the girl drew attention after its successful transformation into Ani Lorak two
years ago. Baby then just support your dad and sang with him the song “Mirrors”
Grigory Leps and Ani Lorak. Milan was already impressed by the talented

Daughter Of Vitaly Gogunsky
born in 2010 from the civil spouse of the actor Irina, Marco. However, soon
the couple broke up, but the education Milana is in no way affected. Now Vitaly is busy mainly theatrical performances, but does not hide that would like to try myself as a singer.

Vitaly Gogunsky with his civil wife Irina

Photo: Julia Hanina/TASS