Daughter of Alexander Abdulov conquers cinema

Дочь Александра Абдулова покоряет кинематограф A nine year old girl will play a major role in the film directed by Alla Surikova. Eugene Abdulov is not the first time participates in the filming, despite his young age. Now the girl works as an actress, she dreams of becoming a Director.

      Дочь Александра Абдулова покоряет кинематограф

      The young heiress of a famous actor Alexander Abdulov Zhenya confidently conquer the domestic film industry. Now a nine year old girl to take part in the filming of the famous film Director Alla Surikova. Today began shooting a new film “Love and sax”.

      For Zhenya Abdulovo this is not the first experience in front of the camera. Not so long ago, she participated in the filming of the video clip of a young singer Anastasia the Godunov. Despite the fact that the girl is still quite young, she already has an idea about what she wanted to do in the future. Girl dreams of becoming a Director.

      “Mom says we have on my father’s line all the Directors and actors, and your mother – heroes of the Soviet Union. I decided to follow in my father’s: she has removed a cartoon with a special program in your phone. And then upload everything to the Internet. I have there is your channel on YouTube”, – said Eugene Abdulov.

      Nevertheless, while the girl takes part in the films as an actress. A few years ago the daughter of the famous actor took to the theater, “Lenk”, which shone with her father. Artistic Director mark Zakharov was sure that she will perform the role of the infant. Everyone who worked with the girl, celebrated her artistry and talent.

      We will remind, the actor died in January 2008 after only 10 months after the birth of her daughter. Despite the fact that Jack was very young, she still think that she remembers dad.

      “Mom often told me that when I was very young, he came to my room and for a long time looked at me…Recently I wanted to conduct an experiment: he climbed into his cradle, she have still survived, and there slept all night. And I dreamed of dad!” – shared Zhenya in an interview.

      In the film Surikova the girl will play along with such famous actors as Aleksandr F. Sklyar, Mikhail Efremov, Larisa Dolina, Alexander Peskov, Olga Prokofiev, Valery Barinov, Olga Kabo. And the main roles went to actors Maksim Averin and Ekaterina Klimova, RIA Novosti reported.