Cindy Crawford on kids modeling career and Nude photo shoots

Синди Кроуфорд о модельной карьере детей и обнаженных фотосессиях

The cover of the may issue of the magazine Town&Country graced the 52-year-old Cindy Crawford. The supermodel and mother of two children remembered what mistakes were made at the beginning of a modeling career and spoke about the success of daughter Kaia Gerber and son Presley. Cindy also spoke about his attitude to the movement #MeToo.

Синди Кроуфорд о модельной карьере детей и обнаженных фотосессиях

“Many times I have posed Nude. Sorry that succumbed to the entreaties and agreed to do it.” — says the model.

A caring mother tries to do everything so that her children did not allow the same mistakes in his career. Crawford is very afraid for her son and daughter and at any moment ready to stand up for them. “I was very lucky, because in my life there were no stories like those of people who joined the movement #MeToo. But I’m worried for their children who have chosen a career in the fashion industry. However, the son and daughter are protected by their fame. There is little doubt that I would stand up for them if something happens.”

The supermodel doesn’t want to particularly affect the career of the children, but also advice them not to deprive. According to star, a daughter and a son not yet ready to make independent decisions and often turn to her. “I want them to manage their careers, but they are not yet ready. Now they are basically asking me to tell them what to do… don’t want them to regret the committed actions. Let them have the opportunity to say: “I’m not involved”. Children do not always listen to their parents, but are always watching their actions. If you are polite with people, they learn to be polite. You are the example for them.”

The earliest known model was given an interview with The Cut and told of the “virtues” of the entry into old age and given a few beauty secrets. “I sometimes say before the shooting, “Guys, I can’t even imagine how I’ll look when I Wake up. I Wake up at 6:00, but just a warning that you should not take me close to 9:00,” says the model in an interview for foreign publication the Cut, tell them that is felt by aging by yourself. “I feel a little guilty that I can’t show you the same results as 20 or 25 years.”

Problems of aging for Crawford steel know better, especially after her daughter Kaia Gerber decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a model. Cindy noted that it may not look as good as her young daughter. “Kaya Wake up, and even if her face is a little swollen after she ate sushi at night, everything comes back to normal literally in 15 minutes!” admits the model. “And I never eat before bed, because they understand the consequences. My face can recover all day.

In order to be attractive, Crawford follows a strict regimen in skin care. she had to give up white bread and pasta. Despite this, she still notices the changes every year. “Your skin, your hair, your body. I take care of myself, but I know that I’m a 51 year old woman,” says Crawford. “Sometimes it is very difficult, and I’m sure it’s difficult for my sisters who are not working models. I want to do my job better as a fashionable, but what I can offer now is much different from what I offered in 25 years.”