Cheryl Cole is suffering in the midst of spring

Виктория Дайнеко страдает в разгар весны Singer, like many, is experiencing discomfort in connection with the aggravation of seasonal allergies. Girl prefers to go out in a mask and dark glasses to as little as possible to be exposed to pollen. Fans are sensitive to the problem of the stars.

      Виктория Дайнеко страдает в разгар весны

      The onset of spring — real flour for many Allergy sufferers, which starts the runny nose, sneezing and watery eyes. Breathing becomes very difficult, and the nature, next to the stimuli, the attacks intensify. Popular singer Victoria Daineko is no exception. Girl meets the onset of seasonal exacerbation in a mask and dark glasses to minimize exposure to hazardous pollen on your body.

      “What are you doing to me, spring. Song Alsou can be very useful. Closed hair cap, eye goggles, nose mask, to as little as possible to inhale the pollen. I’m sexy and I know it. Allergy season is on. Putting my guard up,” wrote Victoria in his Instagram.

      Виктория Дайнеко страдает в разгар весны

      Fans Daineko with great understanding to the problems of the stars. Because seasonal allergic rhinitis is extremely common. Many fans of Victoria began to advise her different ways of dealing with this unpleasant condition. “Cool notion. Just yesterday, I thought that for Allergy sufferers it would be possible to invent a special mask”, “I Have from may to September the same”, “Try to buy special filters for the nose,” “In Krasnodar the situation is even worse”, “But I’m allergic to the sun”, “Put the house in the window of a woven material spunbond, it filters the air, and in each room — sink, often do wet cleaning of the room,” wrote the subscribers of the singer.

      By the way, recently Victoria visited after a long break, associated with pregnancy, first training session in Boxing. Physical activity after a long pause was given to the singer hardly. By his own admission, she began to feel every muscle of his body. “It’s time the inept boxer to lie down on the sofa and allow her husband to blow off the dust with me,” joked the singer in the microblog.

      In addition, in recent years, the singer many fans worried about his thinness. Even the Director of the actress have advised her to gain weight. Victoria is now very much work, she also cares about your child, so sometimes no time to eat. To provide themselves with adequate food, Daineko even hired an assistant who will prepare her.

      Recall that in October last year, Cheryl Cole gave birth to a charming girl. Still, with BC not showing photos of his daughter, preferring instead to put their photos next to the stroller or crib of the child. The name of the child singer and her husband Dmitry Kleiman is also carefully concealed.