Caught Nude photos: 5 very poor officials

Попались на обнаженке: 5 очень плохих чиновниц

Naked photo of 24-year-old assistant Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine spread all over the world. The editors of Woman’s Day remembered and other women politicians, whose photos in a negligee was in the network.

Anastasia Deeva


The hype around the appointment of Anastasia Deev for the position of Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine does not subside for several days. First, Nastia – 24 years. But with the age of the head at the very least resigned, but her pictures networks have become a real stumbling block.

Images Deputy interior Square posing Nude on the bed, the girl published back in 2010. And already recollects them with difficulty. But the Internet resources provocative pictures dug up and disseminated by a network like hotcakes. Moreover, the pictures caused such a stir on the Internet that found out about them around the world.

Minister to denounce the assistant of the tricks of his youth, did not, and came to the defense Deev, stating that it is one of the most experienced of his assistants. And apparently the most photogenic!..

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Elina Egle

No less excitement was caused and a photo of the adviser of the President of Latvia Elina Egle. Women Nude pictures leaked online in 2012.

Egle, against the advice, did not deny their authenticity. On the contrary, stated that she was robbed with the aim of discrediting business reputation.

However, the scandal was quickly hushed up. It is very male audience of the Internet liked the pictures. Elina Egle has even offered to decorate the cover of gloss. However, the official was enraged. As her superiors… needless to say that the office of the President soon had to leave. Now she found herself in the private sector.

Anastasia Podgornova

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Last year the Ulyanovsk was ready to argue with Ivanovo for the title of “city of brides”. At least, after the scandal with naked images of the official published one of the portals, the men certainly would not mind to pay a visit there.

But most of all, then went to Anastasia Podgorny, working in the Ministry of sports. Apparently, Internet users simply are unable to accept a modest Russian official.

Julia Overshot

A victim of the “madness network” and became the press Secretary of the Prosecutor of Sumy, 24-year-old Julia Overshot. In March 2013 she spent a week in the office, but became famous to all Ukraine erotic in the network. It girl in short dress leans on the hood of the SUV.

Then the girl’s family attacked from all sides. It got to the point that almost threw rotten eggs to them at the door. But because soon Julia herself wrote the statement. They say that the parents ‘ peace of mind is more important to her career.

Although I have to say, the Prosecutor’s office in the vulgar nobody seemed. And the girl spoke only positively, speaking about it as about the professional.

Karina Bolaños

However, the beautiful female politicians is not only Russia. Rich in them and Costa Rica. Deputy Minister of youth Affairs 39-year-old Karina bolaños has recorded a video message to her lover.

“I’m here alone, I want you, hope to see you on Tuesday. All you see is all yours,” the woman whispered to don Juan in the video.

Only that love letter have not only seen it. The movie strangely slipped in to the Internet.

Sexy official from working quickly released. But at the very had and her husband – the Deputy Vazquez. Burning with shame, he took sick leave until all the hype dies down.