Called the estimated release date of the fourth season of “Sherlock”

Названа ориентировочная дата выхода четвертого сезона «Шерлока»

Detective series of the TV channel BBC, which is the frequency of its Premier checks the restraint and patience of the fans, this year will be submitted before the scheduled date.

The role of Dr. Watson in the series Sherlock, actor Martin Freeman, called the approximate release date for the new season.

The fourth season will break the tradition and will be presented to the audience not for the New year, as it was with previous seasons, and on Christmas day.

“Now we’re back to shooting, say Martin. – I think we’ll be able to provide three series closer to Christmas”.

Note that the new season will be full of surprises. In particular, the Creator of television’s”Sherlock” mark Gatiss said that future tragedies can not be avoided: “don’t wait that the season will end on a happy note. Will be a lot of drama. Will there be a tragedy? Of course. Death? Wait and see for yourself”.