Beyonce suffers her husband’s infidelity

Бейонсе терпит измены мужа Teacher of singing star claims that the singer knows about the adventures of a spouse. That in a relationship, Beyonce and Jay Z are not going smoothly, rumors have been circulating for a long time. It seems that the singer is not ready to change something in my life.

      Бейонсе терпит измены мужа

      American pop diva Beyonce last month released their new album, Lemonade, in which she sings about personal stuff. Whether the focus of the songs – the problems in the family was just a PR move or is it the real revelation of the star, we can only guess. However, indirect signs indicate that the relationship of Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z are really in crisis. Rumor has it that the rapper cheated on his wife, but she turns a blind eye to his Affairs, so as not to hurt his beloved daughter Irie blue river.

      Teacher singer vocal coach David Lee brewer shares the opinion of the majority of people around about Beyonce divorce being possible stars. The man worked with the singer for eleven years and learned quite a bit about her character. David suggests that the artist had not done this until now, fearing to repeat the fate of their parents.

      “Beyonce, I knew, was absolutely fearless girl. Eight-year-old girl were all on the shoulder. Nothing was going to break her down, except for one thing — her parents ‘ divorce. She is very afraid of this. Mother and father argued constantly. Beyonce didn’t sleep the night because of their experiences. And so it happened.She is very afraid to repeat the fate of their parents. Because Beyonce is cheating on her husband Jay-Z, and she knows about it,” said the teacher.

      Despite the fact that brewer for many years collaborated with the family of Beyonce and made a great contribution to the formation of her voice, he unflattering comments about the parents of the stars. Now the teacher is in Russia, where he presents a book about his Outlook on life of the singer. In an interview with reporters the man did not hide that he was not in awe of parents of Beyonce.

      “They only wanted to be glorified through it and earn his millions. I always told them that their ambitions higher than the interests of their own daughters, but they did not. This was the reason for our constant conflict. The father is constantly stealing money from Beyonce, and I write about it in his book. He thought it was completely normal because he’s her father, which means he can do whatever he pleases. This was our stumbling block. I’m sure he had no right to do what he did. They had a very strange relationship. Neither I nor those close to this family people do not understand them. All that is then wanted Beyonce to be his father’s good daughter. She also really wanted to love her mother, in vain,” concluded David in an interview to “Life”.