Beyonce accused of plagiarism

Beyonce accused of plagiarism. However, these accusations relate not to the musical sphere of activity of the artist, and the dance numbers, which it dilutes your performance.

So, a girl named Marlene Ortiz, published on his page in Instagram a short video with the singer, said that she brazenly appropriated some movements from the dance show ‘De La Guarda’ and ‘El Descueve’.

“I respect the work of talented people…and I don’t like to use social networks to spread negative information…But Beyonce, you have allowed yourself to assign choreography to a real creative genius”, — said in the message.

Then Marlene lists the names of the dancers, who, in her opinion, the Queen Bee “learned” to dance, and noted that “inspire creativity is acceptable, but stealing is not good”. “You should at least make an effort to obtain the right to reproduce these dances, “said Ortiz.

While Marlin defended one direction fan, Beyonce got up on her side and said that the names of the dancers who supposedly are the authors of the dances, which she performs, are included in the list of the whole group, which beyoncé toured. Because of no plagiarism speech can not go.