Better to see once: the Will vs Miguel in tanzmatte

Лучше один раз увидеть: Воля vs Мигель в танцбаттле

Spouse leading the project lyaysan Utyasheva also took part in the show. Just as a jury.

Very often in the jury of the “Dancing” guests present: in the last issue, for example, mentors and Sergey Svetlakov joined Olga Buzova. And in the next programme, which will be shown on Saturday, in its place will sit Pavel Volya. He, by the way, the filming of the show is not the first time. In addition to the interest in the project from резидентаComedy Club has another reason to look to colleagues – to see what it deals with his wife Laysan utiasheva. And she’d just behave decently.

By the way, what can not boast of a popular showman. After finishing the filming of another program he got into a fight! However, not fists, and dance.

Will and one of the mentors of the show – Miguel, in particular, staged a dance off which was caught on video Laysan and posted on the web.

It would seem, what’s the intrigue, the winner is obvious. After all, Miguel is a professional dancer with years of experience, Paul Will possess a somewhat different genre, conversational. But the video shows that Paul’s no slouch. It turns out, the showman is very good moves and something not even inferior to Miguel.

Other participants of the project “Dances. Battle of the seasons”, also present at this party, did not hide his surprise and actively applauded opponents. Or rather, not so much rivals as friends, decided to amuse the audience.