Anna starshenbaum told about his attitude to bed scenes

Анна Старшенбаум рассказала о своем отношении к постельным сценам
The star of the TV series “Psichologine” accumulated negative experience in this area.

Anna Starshenbaum

Photo: Philip Goncharov

The star of the series “Psichologine” Anna Starshenbaum — spectacular appearance and the role of the heroine. But in spite of this, she lately refuses to filming erotic scenes. This happens because the actress had a bad first experience.

“After a film “to Children to 16…” where I completely trusted the operator and Director, thinking that they will take this off beautifully, became, wherever possible, to minimize their participation in the sex scenes, says Steinbaum. —I did not like how I looked in the picture, but the Director and producer was his attitude to my character. With me no one was consulted, not asked how I wanted it to look. On the one hand, all right — these people decide what will be the film. On the other — inexperience I thought these things with the actress to discuss. In General, the bed scenes are treated with caution. After “to Children to 16…” Nude in movie I can’t come. Don’t know what’s going to happen, so I again agreed to it. Earlier, I posed for the cover of men’s magazine, and also failed. I was just beginning my career, and my opinion was not considered, the photos I have claimed. However, thanks to this photo shoot I was given the role in “Children under 16…”. The final decision was made by the producer Valeri Todorovski, and he didn’t want me to say due to the fact that I was not media. But this came out the cover of men’s journal, and Director Andrey Kavun came to him and said, “Here, look, see, it’s the media!” So although the cover left me my young man, I have no regrets. Nothing is accidental. Anyway, I have…”

It remains to add that recently, Anna again agreed to a photo shoot for a men’s magazine. But this time controlled the whole process from shooting to publication.

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