Aniston: “I can be complete without her husband and child”

Энистон: «Я могу быть полноценной и без мужа и ребенка»

47-year-old actress broke down and placed all points over i in a question about his interesting position.

About pregnancy aniston talking ever since, as she married the handsome Justin Theroux. Is the star to appear in a loose dress like the cover of the magazines write about the imminent addition to the family… But, it seems, and her angelic patience came to an end! Recently aniston had said all that he thinks about it. And beginning with, am sick of this.

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“In particular, last month I showed how often we determine the value of a women based on her status of the mother or wife, and the beginning of aniston, writes American portal The Huffington Post. Magazines spend a lot of resources, only to find out if you’re pregnant. Otherwise we feel inferior, unsuccessful, unhappy and failed marriage. Curiously, at the same time, spied on me, there were mass shootings, forest fires, has been declared the Supreme court decision and there was news about the upcoming elections. Any of these reasons more worthy of press attention than my pregnancy. And it is this that journalists could focus its resources”.

While aniston said that certainly not consider themselves “inferior” only because of the absence of the child.

“And that’s what I think. We women live life to the fullest in any case, married or not, with children or without them. And we have the right to decide for themselves when pregnancy happens to us. This decision is ours and only ours. And we certainly should not accept it just because the tabloids try to impose certain standards”.

In addition, the actress doesn’t want to hang on and the label “childfree”… Jennifer refuses to have children, but just thinks that all the time.

“Yeah, maybe someday I become a mother. And believe me, I won’t lie about that. If this happens, you are the first who know it. But I don’t want to become a mother just because our modern culture makes us feel inferior otherwise. It’s the same with beauty standards. Taking pictures of me from unflattering angles, and then fans called fat. And it’s just eaten a Burger. Wake up! And the Burger there is nothing wrong”.

No doubt aniston in her statements of support by many stars who haven’t become mothers. Because they feel no less pressure from the public.