Angelina Jolie condemned Donald trump

Анджелина Джоли осудила Дональда Трампа

Not her candidate. The father of Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie supports the candidate in presidents of the United States of America, but his daughter, who spends a lot of time in charity missions around the world, is strongly against the first President.

Actress and goodwill Ambassador from the UN yesterday made a statement on the British air force, during which he raised the important issue of refugees and the conditions which they find themselves, leaving their home. Got to many heads of state, but most of all – the odious policy Donald Trump.
“America was created by people who came from all over the world to find freedom, including freedom of religion. It’s hard for me to hear such statements from a person who is about to become the head of our state,” said Jolie, referring to trump statements regarding immigrants.
Recall that Donald promises in case of winning, not to let immigrants in the United States and Mexico be required to put up a wall on the border. For every illegal Mexican caught trump is going to recover one hundred thousand dollars from the neighboring state. In addition, the representative of the Republican party stated that it was necessary to expel Muslims from the country and not to let them continue.
“Today, the status of refugees have 60 million people. This is a very high figure, the highest in the last 70 years, and she can not disappoint. Unstable world – a danger to everyone. If you burn your neighbor’s house, you will not be able to be safe, just close your door. Our strength is in unity and in common solving problems” — said Jolie.