Anfisa Chekhov robbed

Анфису Чехову обокрали
The presenter suspects in the crime of its neighbors.

Photo: Instagram

In the life of Anfisa Chekhova there was an unpleasant incident. She stole food! The fact that Anfisa recently decided to lose a few gained during gastronomic trips pounds. Star agreed with a company that produces healthy food that she will every day to bring certain dishes so she was able to quickly and tasty was able to solve the problem of excess weight. By agreement the courier arrives early in the morning to the house Chekhova, Concierge miss it, but the products packaged in separate containers and leave the package right at your door stars. Anfisa does not like excessive attention to his person, so his identity once again trying to advertise.

To his misfortune, Chekhov showed how he takes the bag of food on my Instagram, which, apparently, was used by enterprising neighbors of the star. By the way, the presenter lives in a luxury house, and all its neighbors — wealthy people, just managed to afford to buy an apartment here.

“I’m getting out of the apartment today to pick up my food, and it is not, — said Chekhov in a personal blog. Apparently, the neighbors saw my ad in Instagram, also decided to eat during the day. Bon appetite dear thieves! Next time would put you here to Blizzard, will know how to steal my food!”

By the way, the company quickly responded to the incident, and sent Anfisa package with a new food, yet she was going to meet.