Anastasia fears for her health

Анастасия Волочкова боится за свое здоровье
The scandal of the play with the actress continues to gain momentum.

Anastasia Volochkova
shared with his fans the sad news is that the health of the artist
rocked by ongoing scandal with its participation. Anastasia was
forced to go to the doctors of the Bolshoi Theatre, who encouraged
her to take sick leave. It turned out that Volochkova suspected signs
a nervous breakdown, which was confirmed by experts.

“Seeing my stress
the state, they urged me to take sick leave! This is my
first the sick list for 40 years! Because I’m a fighter and always overcome any
the disease, respecting my audience. And now even with this condition, I’m ready
tomorrow was to go on stage! But the theater canceled the show!…” — announced
Anastasia in his microblog.

Recall that Volochkova
was embroiled in a scandal for her work in “School of modern play”,
where she played in a production of “a man Came to the woman.” Her partner on the stage
became actor said Bugs. However, after almost 3 weeks after the premiere the Director
performances by Iosif Reichelgaus, decided that between Volochkova and Baguim no need
harmony. Almost a month from its premiere until the next show that should
to be held April 30 — Anastasia tried to find common ground between
an actor and Director. But all her efforts result turned against it. Anastasia was offered a new partner only two days before the show, than she was extremely outraged. The ballerina continued to insist on the performance with the actor originally stated in the poster.

A little later, Volochkova
was published it received from Raihelgauz angry letter . As admitted herself Anastasia, she hopes for a successful resolution of the conflict.

I forced to publish this letter,because so angry with these kinds of ultimatums and threats I received for 20 years of my creative career…? This letter sent to me an outstanding Director Joseph Raihelgauz,to which I,despite this nonsense,continue to be treated with respect,awe,gratitude and love.. it pains Me to tears. I don’t even want to believe that this letter was written to them,not the Directors.. As all accusations against me are not justified! I am not in the state theatre. It would be absurd on my part to pick a partner. Said Bugs was appointed by the Director, and recommended me as the best student of his! Our names were put in the posters. On the proposed replacement of said at Gnilitskaya for Saturday’s show (30 April) I found out on Tuesday! Of SMS messages. In such a short time playing with a new partner is simply unrealistic. I refused to go on stage ever! Moreover,despite the fact that all of this is a wearing down of nerves I am driven to a nervous breakdown and I am on sick leave,I’m ready to go on stage tonight to the viewer with the partner with whom we have stated in the poster. I don’t know what I’m going to take revenge in such a cruel manner….? In front of the theater, I even exceeded its commitments.. Honestly,adequately and responsibly. So what did I threaten?… As if someone wanted to ignore my achievements to the Glory of Russia, it will not work, because in the 20 years I danced all the classical ballets in the great theaters and glorifying Russia abroad,I spent my countless social projects and concerts with the kids,and much more.. For me said not the volume name,and deeds and actions. And the ability to stand against any injustice and to defend their dignity. I believe that I. Raihelgauz change your unfounded anger and show prudence…. #Volochkova #raihelgauz @saidbagov #shsp #drama

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