Alsou is not afraid to gain weight during her third pregnancy

Алсу не боится набрать вес во время третьей беременности The singer claims that after each delivery she only lost weight. Alsou showed the archival photo, which she has cheeks, and said that they disappeared as soon as she became a mother.

      Алсу не боится набрать вес во время третьей беременности

      A well-known singer Alsu belongs to that rare type of women, on the figures which the birth of children has no effect. Looking at the slender figure of a 32-year-old beauty singer, it’s hard to believe she’s a mother of two daughters. Now the star and her husband, businessman Ian Abramov, as we know are in happy anticipation of a third child.

      Apparently, Alsu does not afraid to spoil your beautiful body. On the contrary, she claims that her fragility is a direct consequence of the fact that she is heiress. According to Bella, the birth of children made it more slender than it was before the daughters in the light. On the eve of the singer, continuing her demonstration in microblog of its archival images, published a photo on which she is 19. In the frame captured a cute chubby girl with very chubby cheeks. Find out in this beauty Alsu, of course, possible. But the difference is quite noticeable. And it’s not in that picture for more than ten years. “In this photo I am nineteen. Cheeks for some reason decided to leave me, by the way, after the birth of children”, – said Alsu, at the same time explaining the reasons for its astounding thinness. By the way, spouse, Abramov Alsu Yan, though, and adores his beautiful wife, still dreaming of her to have put on a little weight. This wish to her blessed the singer told fans, commenting on the private in the age of 13, which it captured a charming butterball.

      Алсу не боится набрать вес во время третьей беременности

      “By the way, my husband I really like in this picture. All the time asking to have got such forms. Go figure, men” – shared then Alsu.

      Surely in these days of Yan Abramov forms of his consort happy – Alsu is the fourth month of pregnancy and has encouraged the beloved husband pleasant curves. Recall the assumption that the singer Alsu awaits a third child, there was a couple of weeks ago, when the star began to appear in public and the photo in the microblog in a more spacious than usual dresses. And later this information was confirmed by the singer herself. The third time mom she will be, presumably, in September. Who is the son or daughter again, she is under the heart, Alsu, yet chose not to.