Alexei Vorobyov lamenting due to separation from the beloved

Алексей Воробьев сокрушается из-за расставания с любимой Famous actor turned to the lady through the social network. Alexei Vorobyov made on his page on “Instagrame” Frank admission. Nostalgia the hero of the show “the Bachelor 4” imbued his followers.

      Алексей Воробьев сокрушается из-за расставания с любимой

      Only subsided after an emotionally intense finale of “the Bachelor” on TNT, during which Alexei Vorobyov was not able to choose a life partner, as the artist has provided a new reason for discussion. Earlier, the actor, singer and bright the man was given to understand that no one contestant could not make him believe in the truth of his feelings. Now he hints that the relationship still was, only with whom, fans of the stars we can only guess.

      Alex gave fans hope that his heart still had room for love. Sparrows did Instagram an unexpected confession. It turns out that the artist tied a certain relationship, about which he now recalls with regret. Apparently, the breakup was given to the musician hard, but he understands that differently could not be. Sparrows drawn to a mysterious lover.

      “I am thankful to say that we met and God that parted. Each other happy we don’t do, and others will be able”, – says Alexey.

      “Alesha has again depressed”, “don’t be sad! One has only to escape, to stop thinking: “Well, where is the most happiness” as will appear, we just need to wait”, “Lesh, these lines, there is an assumption, dedicated to Yana. Is this true?”, “Due to Anosov suffer it?”, “Broke up, apparently, with someone… Oh, pretty boy, come to the Bride-price”, – responded to the words of Vorobyova fans.

      It is worth noting that intrigue Alex was never solved. However, more and more followers Vorobyova convinced that Ian Anosov played a fatal role in the fate of the hero of “the Bachelor.” Finalist of the show is not a joke was determined to win. Even after his defeat, she admitted in an exclusive interview with “StarHit” that her feelings for him never waned.

      Finalist of “the Bachelor,” Yana on Facebook: “We met with Alex”

      “Today is very stupid to give the feeling of love during our time. Love sooner or later pass, and when love is a feeling lives with you for a very long time, no matter what. This is the power of love! Answering the question of whether love lives in me now, I would say – Yes, lives. I’m not a robot to snap to turn on or off sense,” said Anosov.