Alexandra Bortech told the truth about the wedding

Александра Бортич рассказала правду о свадьбе Media published information that the star “a Police officer with the ruble” has married. The reason for the rumors was the photo Alexandra Bortech with a wedding ring. The chosen one 21-year-old actress – Ilya Malanin, known for her role in the film “Elusive”.

      Александра Бортич рассказала правду о свадьбе

      This morning, the media published the information that Alexander Bortech has found a new family status. The alleged 21-year-old actress married her colleague, 23-year-old Ilya malanina. The reason for the rumors of a photo that the star of the show “the Policeman with the ruble” and a film “About love” published on his page in Instagram.

      The picture shows the actress and her new husband posing in white outfits. Bortech shows on the ring finger wedding ring. In the caption, Alexander left the hashtag #justmarried that the Russian language is interpreted, as “newlyweds”. Thus, the actress left no doubt among fans that it really has tied the knot with llya Malininym.

      “Congratulations! Wish you happiness and endless love”, “Congratulations! Happiness, love and family happiness”, “Well, I asked about the wedding, and you said soon! Congratulations, happy for you”, “Cool, congratulations! Take care of each other”, “Finally! Sweet family life, you lovebirds”, the “advice and love!” “Congratulations to the whole happy family! Handsome,” wrote in the comments to new husband friends and fans.

      #Elen #justmarried

      A photo posted by Alexander Bortech (@bortich) Jul 20 2016 at 3:24 PDT

      Later, however, Bortech has otpravila speculation about the wedding. She revealed the truth that it was just shooting a new season of the series, in which she plays one of main roles.

      “Guys, honey! Sorry, I did not think so most likely it will look like! Ilya groom, and Petrov – honorary witness, and that means we got married on the set of “Police with the ruble-2”! All the love, greetings for thank you.

      Interestingly, in addition to Ilya malanina, Alexandra has another “favorite man” is her bulldog named Jagger. He appears often on the photos of the star in her microblog. Sasha is a responsible mistress, she walks the dog and will gladly share photos with four-legged friend. Most likely, taking care of his dog, Bortech preparing for future motherhood, which certainly is not far off. The plans of the actress – to give birth to many heirs.

      “In my pink fantasies I have five children, favorite work, I take care of the house and care for the dog. That is probably what is to be a great wife, – shared his thoughts Alexander in an interview with reporters. – Now for me the word “love” is associated only with Ilia in life, of course, is the perfect place. In my opinion, in order to keep love the main thing – to listen and hear each other. In the moment when you really want to be offended, it should be above all feelings and think about what is more important – love or prove innocence. I believe that true love doesn’t work.