Alexander Buinov was in the hospital before the concert

Александр Буйнов попал в больницу перед концертом The singer was a real trouble. Before the actual show, people’s artist was bitten by an insect. Have Buynova it caused an allergic reaction. Worrying for his health and appearance, Alexander went to the doctors.

      Александр Буйнов попал в больницу перед концертом

      Summer is the time when aktiviziruyutsya wasps, bees, bumblebees and other insects. Recently, it was singer Alexander Buinov. According to the artist, he suffered from a mosquito bite that caused an allergic reaction Bujnov. His jaw was swollen, and Alexander had to go to the doctor — suddenly there was something serious. Moreover, in the evening at the contractor’s planned performance, which then will show the First channel.

      Doctors put Alexander on a drip and gave him some shots. For emergency medical care Bujnov appealed to the military hospital of rocket forces located in Odintsovo. By the way, the artist regularly examined in the medical center. In addition, in interviews, the singer said that every three months to donate blood for tests, also in the same clinic.

      Alexander Bujnov laugh rumors about cancer recurrence

      “Suddenly from small Midge flies, and in his hand lit a small lantern, damn it! Jaw blew up like a boxer. Thank you military hospital strategic missile forces: two injections in the ass, drip… And the evening in “Crocus” I’m the groom!”, — told the violent in your Instagram.
      Александр Буйнов попал в больницу перед концертом

      The actor also posted a picture after the treatment in the hospital. It is worth noting that on her it looked simply amazing. Together with Alexander in the photo posing Irina Dubtsova and Lyubov Uspenskaya.

      Fans Buynova wished him good health and found that the singer is in good shape, as his companion. “Look great in a society such lovely ladies”, “You are a very positive person! You good health, not get sick,” supported by the Alexander the subscribers of his microblog.

      At the event Alexander also made a joint photograph with participants of group “VIA Gra”. “Don’t get old girls. A new tool glows in the dark, very convenient for men,especially with bad eyesight!”, fun commented the artist. “Our urchin everywhere ripe!”, “Ageless dreams”, — commented on the publication of the artist’s fans.

      By the way, in June Bujnov said pearl wedding with his beloved Alena. Couple together for thirty years, but familiarity with the wife of Alexander, by his own admission, remembers in detail. According to the artist, it’s like happened yesterday.