Alex hinted at a quarrel with her lover

Алекса намекнула на ссору с возлюбленным The star of “American idol,” which recently unveiled his choice, told that their couple is not doing well. But, according to Alexa, it is natural, and only through much trial and error we can come to true harmony in the relationship. Fans of the actress agreed with her.

      Алекса намекнула на ссору с возлюбленным

      A graduate of “star Factory-4” Alex, news of which lately rarely appear in the press, not so long ago announced that happy in my personal life. At first, the girl hid the face of his chosen, but after some time shared in Instagram a photograph of passionate kisses with her lover. Fans of the actress was happy for her and happy that Alex finally found the man with whom she is good.

      Alex reveals a secret personal life

      However, as it turned out, all is not well in the relationship of Alex with her boyfriend, as one might think. Recently, she has published in the microblog his arguments on the subject of what challenges may lie in wait for lovers. According to Alexa, anyone in my life nothing comes easy, and quarrels and misunderstanding is an integral part in relations between two loving people. The basis for the post celebrity formed her personal experience.

      “In life, in relationships everything can happen. It is very bad. Sometimes terrible. And you can infinitely change good for the best until it breaks. And will you go again and circle. And can learn to love. Yes, that’s right. Every day for the rest of your life, you’ll learn to love someone you once chose your heart. To forgive, to hurt, to worry, to cry, to seek and not to find excuses and to forgive again. And then you will understand. And from that moment you will not learn, you love,” wrote Alex.

      Fans of stars supported her and noted that life is what happens, according to Alexa. “Very aptly written! It is a pity that not everyone understands this”, “Well said”, “the Golden words reached the depths of my heart”, “Lovely text and beautiful Alex”, “Magic, with a rich Outlook on life, “Wisely and earnestly”, “meant every word” — shared his opinion of the followers of the artist.

      Recall that after the finale of “American idol” Alex’s long gone from the attention of journalists. At the moment the girl appears on stage. Variety of activities and show business, she chose the fashion industry. Now Alex is working on his limited edition clothing line in conjunction with one of the Azerbaijani brand. In his interview, the celebrity said that every thing she creates is unique in its own way.