Ales Kafelnikov provoke fans Topless

Алеся Кафельникова раззадорила поклонников обнаженной грудью The girl took part in spicy photo shoot, which provoked heated discussions in social networks. In the picture, which Ales Kafelnikov shared with fans, she poses Topless. Fans of fashion models found that it looks amazing.

      18-year-old Ales Kafelnikov is a successful model Agency Elite London. She often tries things expensive brands and posing for fashion photographers and glossy magazines. Ales recently shared a candid picture taken, apparently, during another photo shoot. At the resonant frame young, pretty girl captured Topless.

      Publication Alesya provoked a strong reaction from her fans. They immediately began to discuss the model of an erotic nature. According to many, the girl looks amazing. Fans Alesya took her a lot of compliments. “Wow”, “Beautiful”, “Romantic”, Why not”, “Sexy” was discussed by users of social networks. One of podeschi Kafelnikov asked how is her boyfriend such a bold photo shoots. “Do not be jealous of Gleb?” the girl wrote.

      We will remind that Ales Kafelnikov is Dating the famous youth rapper Pharaoh. The real name of the model boyfriend – glib Golubin, he was born in the family of the former General Director of the Moscow football club “Dynamo”. In January of this year Alesya and her partner first came to light. The lovers appeared at the premiere of “the Illusion of love” in the cinema “Moscow”.

      Ales Kafelnikov was suspected of an affair with a famous rapper

      In his microblog Ales explained why ceased to hide an affair with the glib. “We along social status people. In different areas. Excuse me, I am a secular person who frequents such events. This is my life. If a person engages me in a relationship, all these items are negotiated in advance. He knew who begins to build relationships… as you will find those that decide and think out, and will soon present it not as it actually is. Therefore, we have taken this step decisively and consistently,” – shared the girl in social networks.

      By the way, not so long ago Ales Kafelnikov and Pharaoh took part in shooting for the fashion glossy magazine. The young people were not shy to show their feelings on camera. Fans of the rapper and model find that they look great together. “Good luck and true love”, “how cute”, “Happy”, “Happiness to you, do not listen to envious”, “I knew they were ever together!” “You two are perfect for each other” – write in comments to the joint images of young people.