Alena Apina mocks his age

Алена Апина иронизирует над своим возрастом 51-year-old star jokingly called himself a “lady” and posted a picture without makeup. Fans of Katya LEL hastened to assure the singer in reverse. According to many, it looks just fine.

      Алена Апина иронизирует над своим возрастом

      Many stars are afraid to show your face without makeup. However, there are those who confidently demonstrates her natural beauty, without embarrassment or no makeup, nor his age. Lately celebrities often publish such photos in social networks. Remember the pictures of Ksenia Borodina, Ksenia Sobchak, Maria Kozhevnikova, Marina Alexandrova, and many others. Recently one of them was joined by 51-year-old singer Alena Apina, which is now resting in Spain.

      “Escaped from the wrong spring in Spain. Here is no better. Give the old woman to grumble! And, by the way, who likes the feature “Stars without makeup”, I’m like,” — wrote the singer in his Instagram, accompanied by the publication of his little sad picture on the beach.

      Followers of the singer advised her less upset, and also noted that Apina looks great without makeup. A recommended Alena other recreational facilities. “Here in Italy!”, “And you’re beautiful without makeup”, “Alena, you are always young. Run back to Russia”, “not handrite, vzgrustnut a little and then let the joy come”, “Thank you, once again surprised and delighted”, “no you’re not old”, “it seems to Me that you’re one of the few stars who looks natural, without makeup and some plastics,” he wrote to fans of the singer.

      We will remind, recently Apina has shared with journalists the news that not so long ago began work on a new album. Moreover, the singer has already managed to please fans with recent tracks. Many fans of Alena were satisfied with them and look forward to the release of the latest album of the singer. Last date apinoj the album was released in 2014.

      Furthermore, Alain is actively involved in teaching activities. Apina teaches at the linguistic gymnasium of the Odintsovo music and art history. In recognition of the honoured artist, that she dedicates a few hours a week. Despite the obvious talent of the teacher, Alan is going to concentrate on a career artist. Recently, by the way, Apina put together with kids play “Night before exams”, acting in the role of the Director and the author of the idea. Before that Alena put with pupils musical in honor of the anniversary of The Beatles, and “Bun” in a new way — in the format of a talk show.