6 reasons to choose for garage roller shutter gate

6 причин выбрать для гаража роллетные ворота

The final touch in the construction and arrangement of garage gate installation. There are different types of building envelopes, which protect from cold and wind, and the attackers stop, and pleasing to the eye. Why from the variety of gates you should choose the roller shutter? For this there are at least six reasons.

In front of the garage or inside little space

6 причин выбрать для гаража роллетные ворота

When you open the roller shutter of the gate the canvas is screwed onto the shaft and hides in a protective box, mounted in the upper part of the opening. At the expense of the particular trajectory, such systems are ideal for garages, to whom little room in which machine or call in directly from the sidewalk.

Also the compact design allows their use where other types of gates cannot be installed due to at cornice communications — water, or transaction. In addition, the roller shutter door helps to save space in garages with low ceilings.

Safety is one of the main criteria of choice

Rolling gates can be equipped with special security systems. For example, the inertial brake, which will protect from breakage and falling of the leaf, if a drive fails.

Also in case of emergency have an automatic rolling gate can be provided for manual actuator: with it will be possible to raise the extra fabric, if lost electricity.

6 причин выбрать для гаража роллетные ворота

To prevent accidental collision of moving webs with a barrier, which may be a car, and even people, you can add a gate function “Sensitive land”. When hitting the barrier, a special system will automatically stop the painting and start its movement in the opposite direction.

Need a reliable protection from wind and weather

Quality gate roller shutter profiles are made of aluminum tape of a certain thickness and are filled with dense foam. This ensures high strength and durability of the structure to wind loads. To choose a reliable roller shutter doors can be for any area of the wind — of course, given the profile type and dimensions of the opening.

6 причин выбрать для гаража роллетные ворота

Want to see the garage was quite warm, lit and with good ventilation

Thermal characteristics of fabric quality roller shutter gate can be compared with the properties of a 15 cm brick masonry or 7 cm layer of oak.

In addition, Alvorada allow at least include the coverage to start the car or to find in the garage right things. To let in the daylight if they are equipped with special viewing slats with transparent inserts.

Another useful decision — vent profiles, which can be embedded into the fabric of the roller shutter gate to provide ventilation of the garage.

6 причин выбрать для гаража роллетные ворота

Need a gate that will last a really long time

Quality roller shutter gate retain an attractive appearance in almost any conditions, making the garage safer. To choose, volvoreta that will meet the expectations, it is not difficult — just ask what documents confirmed their characteristics.

For example, high-quality paint coating is able to protect the canvas of roller shutter gates from corrosion, sunlight, temperature extremes, corrosive media, as well as scratches and scuffs. High quality paint coating profiles roller rolling and protective roller shutter boxes Alutech gates noted in the test protocols of BASF Coating (Germany) and AkzoNobel (Sweden). Excellent performance and anti-corrosion properties of extruded profiles “ALUTECH” certified by prestigious certificates Qualicoat and Seaside (Switzerland).

Also excellent quality roller shutter systems ALUTECH confirmed by certificates of conformity of the Russian Federation, Belarus and Ukraine and test reports from an accredited international centres of Belgium and the Czech Republic. In addition, the roller shutter gates Alutech correspond to the European standards in the field of security and wind resistance EN 12424 EN 13241-1 standard and that confirms TÜV-certificate for the CE marking.

6 причин выбрать для гаража роллетные ворота

An important component durability alvaret — reliable components. It is useful to clarify what additional options are available for your gate. For example, ALUTECH offers a unique suspension system leaf “Snail”. It provides a uniform and compact winding of the door leaf, making it less subject to abrasion.

To make volvoreta even safer, you can combine the profiles with heavy-duty side latches and slide rails with wind hooks: it will make them canvas the most resistant to strong gusts of wind.

In addition, ALUTECH roller shutter gate equips special movable carriages. With their help, the portal fabric moves smoothly and easily along the guide rails for the tires reduces the load on the actuator and the gimbal. In the result the roller shutter gate work better and last much, much longer.

The gate should harmonize with the design of the house

Roller shutter gates are a fine complement to the house, the Windows with shutters. Add to the similarity of the designs a large selection of colors, and at the gates of the other types almost no chance as brightly to emphasize the individuality of the façade.

Roller shutter gates also have a wide installation possibilities. Thus, the maximum opening width for mounting alvaret “ALUTECH” can be up to 7 meters and the area of the product — more than 21 m2. The design can be mounted outside and inside a protective box inside and out. For installation of roller shutter gates where there is no risk of falling precipitation in their components, have a separate solution — installation on the consoles. From this it follows that the roller shutter gate is a versatile solution for almost any garage in which there are at least six advantages in the moment of choice and much more — is already in use.