54-year-old demi Moore dared to bare all on the big screen

54-летняя Деми Мур рискнула обнажиться на большом экране Hollywood actress is not afraid to play a sex scene. Images demi Moore posing in lingerie, her fans have compared it with shots from the film “Striptease”, released in late 1996. According to fans of the star, she hasn’t changed a bit.

Recently, 54-year-old demi Moore again showed that is in amazing shape. In the Internet appeared the frames from the new movie star, which got the name “Blind.” In addition to the fatal brunette, the film also starred Alec Baldwin and Dylan McDermott.

The world premiere took place on July 14, when it will be released in Russia, is still unknown. The film received mixed reviews from critics and audiences.

The plot of the drama novelist gets in a car accident that changes his life. In a tragic incident, the hero not only loses his beloved, but becomes blind. Several years later, the figure of literature again discovers a passion for life and creativity. The impetus for his transformation becomes a meeting with the wife of the arrested businessman, who was played by demi Moore. Between men there is competition: they are fighting each other over one woman.

The footage, which spread demi fans online, the famous actress captured in underwear of black color. Star is not afraid to play a sex scene and showcase your figure on the big screen.

Many fans of Moore noted that the scenes in which she appears semi-Nude, reminiscent of footage from the popular film “Striptease”, released in 1996. In the famous picture, which has its fans, the heroine star is forced to find a job as a dancer.

By the way, recently, the Network appeared information about the fact that demi Moore is planning to have another baby. The star, who has raised three daughters from Bruce Willis supposedly going to adopt a fourth child. Insiders claim that a responsible step the actress has pushed the act of Madonna in the spring, the singer took his family of twins from Malawi.

Probably, demi plans to raise the baby alone. At the moment the heart of a celebrity freely. After the actress broke up with Ashton Kutcher, her passions were usually fleeting. In November last year that the star was thought to have an affair with Prince Andrew, the second son of Queen Elizabeth II. However, insiders claimed the Queen was opposed to the interests of the heir, they say, is not representative of the monarchical dynasty of having an affair with the Hollywood actress.